Gauge Packaging Box Magnet Closure

Focus Features:

  • Matt black paperboard, printed with logo
  • PU foam cut with a hole to fit gauge product inside of the box
  • Flap with pull-up string
  • Strong magnetic closure
  • Deliver to worldwide, and deliver to door service.

Why PU foam?

This gauge packaging box with magnet closure is designed with a PU foam insert for the gauge product. This is because gauges are precision instruments that require a buffer space to absorb any shocks during shipping. Using EPE, EVA, or Styrofoam as an insert may result in damage to the gauge. The soft nature of PU foam makes it an ideal choice for protecting the gauge during transit. Additionally, PU foam uses less material compared to other foams, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly option.

Working With Shanghai BPS And Get Dedicated Service

We understand that the box is the first impression you give to your customers. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the box provides enough information to your customers. For this particular box, the brand is already well-known in the industry, so a simple logo is sufficient. However, if you are developing your brand, you may need to print more images and product specifications onto the box. As the market is highly competitive, the packaging can make a significant difference. At Shanghai BPS, we always deliver high-quality packaging boxes to our customers with our experienced technical skills. This can help you increase sales, and maybe customers will fall in love with your products from the moment they see the packaging box.

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