Golden Hot Foil Stamped Drawer Box

Focus Features:

  • Drawer and cover both have printing work onto. Base offset printed, cover offset printing with gold foil stamping.
  • White ribbon tab for easier pull out, and a thumb finger hole can be added if requested.
  • They are made in USA thick chipboard material, 2.5mm thick, premium quality.
  • The cubic shape makes the box impressive.
  • They were packed into master carton & delivery worldwide to door.

What Can This Box Used For?

While we may not need to delve into this topic in a lengthy article, it’s worth mentioning the various uses of rigid boxes. In the jewelry industry, these boxes can be utilized as ring boxes, necklace boxes, bracelet boxes, and even as wedding invitation boxes. In the business application industry, they can be used as business card boxes, cable packaging boxes, phone packaging boxes, smartwatch packaging boxes, smart home device gift boxes, and more. With the ability to customize printing and size, they can also be utilized as general gift packaging boxes.

To learn more about our capabilities in customizing rigid boxes, check out the “Additional Information box”. If you’re interested in working with us, feel free to contact us for an instant quote.