Gourmet Gift Packaging Box with Three Color Foil Stamping

Focus Features:

  • Black box with matt plastic lamination, inside and outside all laminate with black art paper.
  • Three color hot foil stamping.
  • Red foil colored pull out silk string, response to the foil stamping.
  • White text printing
  • Drawer box style, extra strong.
  • They were packed in a master carton, double-wall corrugated material, robust enough to load multiple boxes.

How To Make Different Colored Foil Stamping On One Box

This gourmet gift packaging box featuring three-color foil stamping is a highlight product at Shanghai BPS. It may even be the first of its kind in the packaging market. Now, let’s discuss the secret to achieving a perfect foil fitting.

Foil stamping involves using a foil plate, similar to silk printing, to heat and emboss the foil paper onto the paper surface. When using three colored foil stamping, we need to join the three colors together and place them on the plate. It’s crucial to note that the colors should never mix after being heated; otherwise, the foil color will be combined, resulting in a poor-quality box. We use a board template to ensure the colors remain separated and test the colors many times to ensure they stay in the right position.

If you want to create a unique, impressive, and professional box, working with Shanghai BPS is the perfect choice. Reach out to us today to get started on your project!