Hearing Aids Rigid Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • 1.5mm thick duplex board, handcraft works.
  • Full color printed art paper laminated on the rigid cardboard.
  • Inside of lid with printing works, too.
  • Strong magnetic closure secures the products well.
  • Big space for packing hearing aids and its spare parts.
Let’s Customize It Now!

It’s Simple To Design A Packaging Box

The pictures showed a hearing aids rigid packaging box, which made from rigid cardboard, the printing seems simple- a logo centered in the box lid and some texts inside the box lid. However, it does not means the packaging is not professional. Firstly, the dog image is the brand logo of my customer, which is well-known for its potential customers; it can be easily identified by them. Instead of using a separate printed manual, my customer print the introduction words directly on the inside lid. This is not a cost-effective mind, but I just want to give the customer better shopping experience. Imagine that when you open the box, a greeting word jumps out. The main theme of the box is grey color, response to the idea from the customer.

Retail Sales Boxes For Hearing Aids

Except for this hearing aids rigid packaging box, we can develop more packaging styles for your retail sales. For example, a simple tuck end paperboard box with a hang tab on top, which will be able to hang on a hook for sales. Or we have a custom countertop display box for you, as well as blister packaging box for hearing aid.

If you feel interested in us, just say hello to us for more details.

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