Description of High Density Board

High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) also called Hardboard, it’s a higher dense grade of MDF (Medium density fiberboard). It is way much stronger than other Fiberboard or cardboard. It is made from recycled wood fibers and resin, consists of 82% wood fiber, 9% urea-formaldehyde resin glue, 8% water, and 1% paraffin wax. High-density fiberboard is a dense and stable sheets that with highly uniform density. It is more stable than solid wood and stands up better to changes in humidity and heat condition. This fiberboard material has better performs than solid wood in many applications, due to its easy cutting, shaping and cleanly drilling performance.

Pros & Cons of high density board

HDF-high density fiberboard

  • The Advantage Of High-Density Fiberboard:
  • Disadvantage Of High-Density Fiberboard:
  • Stronger than any other Fiberboard
  • More expensive than other paper cardboard
  • Smoothly and water-resistant.
  • Limit of supply in market
  • Qualified for years
  • Eco-friendly, 100% recycled.

Box Packing Solution Team first apply this material for box packaging in 2002. Till now we have helped 30+ customers understand and apply this material in their rigid gift boxes.HDF material mainly is used for high standard rigid gift box manufacturing. If you need the gift box to be fancy but want them to be higher quality durable, then HDF board is your best choice.

Applications of high density board

High-density fiberboard made watch box

High density fiberboard made watch box

30*18*8cm, rigid watch packaging box

High-density fiberboard made rigid gift box

High density fiberboard made rigid gift box

Hinged lid gift box with foam fabric inserts.

After laminated with printed paper, like art paper and specialty paper, it will cover the original brown color of the HDF. The rigid and heavy decorous hand feeling, then it adds great value to your products inside the packaging. It surely will be attractive and bring a very nice and different experience to your customer!
Regarding printing for HDF made box packaging, CMYK printing or Pantone color could be applied, as well as glossy and matt varnishing and lamination finish, UV varnishing, and hot foil stamping embossing or debossing.