High-End Hookah Packaging Box with EPE Foam Inserts

Focus Features:

  • Large gift box with custom printing, size 60*40*20cm.
  • Full-over spot UV varnish, logo area only.
  • 4mm thick MDF board as the material (Medium-density fiberboard), the box can load 100kgs.
  • High-density plastic handle installed on the box, steel tornillos established under the handle to support it.
  • Black EPE foam to protect glass hookah away from damage while shipping in long distance.
  • Magnetic closure, eight magnetic pieces under the fiberboard.
  • Can be upgraded to Collapsible rigid box style as you wish
  • MOQ starts from 500 pieces
  • One box has a master carton with inside protect corner to ensure good quality while arriving at your final customer’s hand
  • Foam cutting can be changed to your design file
Let’s Customize It Now!
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What Makes The Box Unique?

Big body? No.

Plastic handle? No.

EPE foam? No.

Spot UV? No

Then, what’s the answer? Describe in one paragraph is: Box in good shape and big size, with perfect cutting EPE foam, and solid Plastic handle, finally full-over spot UV varnish.

This high-end hookah packaging box with EPE foam inserts is our Orgulloso de or Proud work. In the BPS team, and we know how long time is spent on this project. From the customer’s 3D file, we re-create the box to match the customer company’s culture. With several times’ samples, we finally made it. The customer found the box is elegant but comfortable to get damaged, so we think to create a separate master carton to pack a single rigid box, and add EPE foam protector on eight corners inside the master carton.

As we stated in Large Apparel Rigid Gift Packaging Box, we can create custom size boxes and custom colors based on this box structure.

What’s This Kind of Box Used For?

This box is hot sale now, except for the Hookah glass bottle, we are also developing it for other items, such as Enamel products packaging, stemless wine glass packaging, diamond packaging, crystal lamp, and so on. We are flexible about custom options. You are as comfortable as to tell us your idea, and leave the remaining things to us.

Shanghai BPS keeps moving on packaging innovation, and we are always on the way!

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