High Quality Wine Packaging Box with Fabric Insert

Focus Features:

  • Solid Fiberboard, or called MDF board, 3mm thick, better quality than duplex chipboard.
  • Outside and inside printing, gold foil stamping available.
  • Hinged neck box body with magnetic closure.
  • Flexible options on size and structure for your dedicated wine bottles
  • Accurate printing on the box, the golden line makes the box elegant.
  • Fabric lining as insert, protect wine bottles from damage while shipping, moreover anti-scratch on the bottle.
Let’s Customize It Now!
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Wine Boxes Care Much About Box Quality

The wine box is different from other items packaging boxes; it’s a pack wine bottle, which is fragile and needs to avoid shake. So a solid cardboard material is necessary, also the relevant insert. This high-quality wine packaging box with fabric inserts made from 3mm thick MDF board (Medium-density fiberboard), actually a wooden material, you can keep a peaceful mind while shipping. The fabric insert can add an anti-scratch function for the bottle body and its label. Under the fabric, there is a piece of foam insert, being cut the same shape as a bottle. There are two pieces of magnet hidden in the open flap, which will secure the box well after closing. The wine box printing is optional. Once you have the artwork for the box, ask us for a free die-line template, then you can create a printable artwork design. This is the first step of a customized wine box.

Create A Single Packaging Carton For Wine Box

If the wine boxes are not final selling package or it’s not being displayed on shelves but need shipping to customers’ hands, you may be interested in creating a single pack / 2pack /4 pack. Once you get such a request, we will start building a die-line for the master carton to fit wine pack(s). Also, if you are strict for packing, we have EPE/XPE/EVA foam pad to put in 6 sides of the master carton, ensure no damage to the outside of the box for long-distance shipping.

If you are interested, please fill the form and get our contact.

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