Hinged Magnetic Closure Lid Box With V-shaped Cut Interior

Focus Features:

  • “V” shape cut-out
  • Hidden magnetic closure
  • Spot UV varnish
  • Gold foil stamping


The box is a small magnetic box with a black exterior and interior. The exterior is adorned with gold foil and spot UV, while the interior lid displays white text. The lid does not glue onto the interior backboard, and the flip-top lid is not fully covered in the front box panel. To accommodate a one-piece board from the box base, the height of the top flap is decreased. This flap closure is usually used for tall magnetic boxes and is easy to open.

The inside of the board features a v-shaped cutting that looks fantastic. In the next order, the client asked us to make a curved edge.

The magnet is hidden in the interior board to fix the lid, and we use three-piece magnets to make the closure more compact. The interior size of the box is 63mm x 25mm x 88mm, and the minimum width required for the worker to handle is 25mm. Otherwise, it is difficult to put a finger inside the box to glue the surface paper.