Wide Range Products Of Packaging Material

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team aim at offering one-stop producing for printing & packaging products, so as to packaging material, plays important role in products protecting, shipping and storage

We offer packaging pallet, wrapping paper, honeycomb, corrugated fiberboard, Stretch film, HDPE/LDPE film, plastic tape, non-woven bag, paper cardboard corner, and other customized packaging products. We offer customized printing and size cutting on those products.

Shipping Pallets | Paper Pallets | Plastic Pallets | Wooden Pallets

We offering three material pallets, they are paper pallets, plastic pallets, and wooden pallets. They are used for different situation and purpose. The pallets always use Europe standard, the common sizes are 1200*800*144MM, 1200*1000*144MM, 1000*1200*144MM, and 800*600*144MM.
1. Paper pallets: light, eco-friendly and cheap, for short distance palletized, afraid of rain and moisture.

Paper Pallets | buy pallets

Paper pallet

Reinforced bottom, enable the pallet load more weight onto.

Reinforced Bottom Paper Pallets

Reinforced bottom paper pallet

Round leg of the pallets, more space for forklift handle in.

Crossed Wooden Pallets

Crossed wooden pallet

Crossed wooden, the quality is better than non-crossed pallets.

Heavy Duty Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallet

No space between pallets sheets, it is reusable, continuous high quality.

Heavy Load Plastic Pallets

Heavy load plastic pallet

Two bottom style, can bear 2000 kgs max.

Blue Shipping Pallets

Blue Shipping pallet

Can bear 500 kgs max.

Rigid Storage Plastic Pallets

Rigid storage plastic pallet

Can bear 350 kgs max

Colorful Plastic Pallets

Colorful plastic pallets

The color of the plastic pallets are various, contact us to customize your own pallets now!

Black Plastic Pallet

Black plastic pallet

The high-density plastic material can be put in a high-temperature situation.

Honeycomb Cardboard | Honeycomb Box

Honeycomb panels are manufactured and stocked with standard board dimensions and in the most popular composite materials. Used in shipping and packing market, some customer also uses them for door making. Honeycomb panels are lightweight, structural composite laminated panels that add strength to primary and secondary panel structures while saving time and reducing labor in production. Value-added honeycomb panel is manufactured to tight tolerances and is easy to cut, shape and drill. Available in a range of honeycomb cores with performance facings, making these value-added honeycomb panels an ideal substitute for Plywood. Honeycomb box is a kind box heavy duty packaging box, always for machinery or products weight over 200kgs.

HoneyComb Core Paper

Honeycomb core paper

Looks like Hornet’s nest, the name of honeycomb comes from here.

HoneyComb Sheet Board | Honeycomb Panels

Honeycomb Cardboard sheet

Laminate 2 pieces paper on the two sides of the core paper, it called honeycomb sheet.

Heavy Duty Honeycomb Box

Heavy duty honeycomb box pallet box

Glue or nailing several honeycomb sheet together, it is honeycomb box, more durable than corrugated boxes.

Honeycomb Pallet Box

Honeycomb pallet box

Reinforce the corners by corner protector, bottom glue with paper pallets, a kind of heavy-duty load packaging solution.

Corrugated fiberboard | Cardboard Sheet | Corrugated Cardboard Sheet

As corrugated material have a good buffer performance also keep its rigid quality, more and more company use it for packaging material, cheap and nice appearance. There are printed cardboard and non-printed cardboard sheet from the printing, and single layer corrugated, double layer corrugated and triple layer corrugated sheets.

Single Wall Corrugated Fiberboard

Single wall corrugated fiberboard

A flute, 4mm thickness, our single wall thickness have 1mm-4mm.

Double Wall Corrugated Fiberboard

Double wall corrugated fiberboard

Or called 5 plies corrugated fiberboard sheet, durable than the single wall.

Triple Wall Corrugated Fiberboard

Triple wall corrugated fiberboard

Or called 7 plies corrugated board, the highest quality of all cardboard sheet.

Pallet Corner Protector | Paper Cardboard Corner | Protect Paper Corner

Pallet corner protector used for box corner protection, or box on pallet protection, avoid corner being crushed by other boxes or pressure. The install step is very easy, just put the corner on the sides, connect each corner together, and then finish packing. From our customer’s feedback, paper protection corner makes their boxes more durable and could re-use the boxes are several times’ using. If you are interested in, please feel free to contact with Box Packing Solution team, we will customize the pallet corner protector for you.

Paper Corner Protectors

Paper corner protectors

90 degrees vertical paper corners.

Triangle Paper Corner Protectors

Triangle paper corner protector

Can be installed in the corner of packaging boxes directly, as it is joint already.

Honeycomb Box with Corner Protector

Honeycomb box with cardboard corner protector

Telescope shape honeycomb box can bear 500 kgs max.

Wrapping Paper | Rice Paper | Gift Wrapping Paper | Tissue Paper

Wrapping paper is a kind of thin paper, with printing or specialty itself, can be used for wrap gifts, shoes, garments and other products into the box packaging. The function is to avoid products inside friction each other and add beauty looks on the packaging. We offer different kinds of wrapping paper, customized from printing, material, and size.

Specialty Rice Paper Wrapping Paper

Specialty rice paper wrapping paper

Special texture and color, could be customized.

Gift Wrapping Paper

Gift wrapping paper

These are stock wrapping papers, contact us to get a fresh quote.

Colorful Flower Wrapping Paper

Colorful Flower Wrapping papers

Thin wrapping paper, for shoes packing, apparel packing.

Silver Printed Tissue Paper

Silver printed tissue paper

The logo on the paper is shiny, looks luxury.

Non-woven Bags | Non-woven Tote Bags

A non-woven bag is a new material in the recent year, in packaging industry they can be used for the non-woven bag or non-woven tote bag. It has a below advantages: 1) Air permeability 2) Filterability 3) Insulation 4) Water absorption 5) Water resistance 6) Flexibility 7) No discomfort 8) Good feel, soft 9) Light 10) Elasticity, recoverable. Feel free to contact us to get your non-woven bag customized in size and color! More info about the Non-Woven material.

Colorful Non-woven Paper Bags

Colorful non-woven paper bags

Higher quality than paper handle bags, but printing is not fancy as paper bags.

Non-woven Bag Design

Non-woven bag design

Contact with Box Packing Solution team to get your packaging customized, we have a professional design team.

Non-woven Tote Bags

Non-woven tote bags

Tote bag style, cheaper than other shape non-woven bags.

Stretch Film | Wrapping Film | Stretch Wrapping

Stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. In contrast, shrink wrap is applied loosely to an item and shrinks tightly with heat. In the packaging industry, the stretch film always being used for pallet wrapping, box wrapping or products packaging, you can wrap it by hand or stretch handle.

Box with Wrapping Film

Box with wrapping film

A good way to avoid packaging from water and moisture, or even the dust.

Pallet Wrapping Paper Series

Pallet wrapping paper series

To wrap the pallets, the film thickness should be high quality.

Stretch Film Hand Dispensers

Stretch film hand dispenser

Profession tools, make your wrapping time shorter!

LDPE Film | HDPE Film

LDPE is short for Low-density polyethylene; HDPE is short for High-density polyethylene. The film into packaging industry for 2 use functions, one is making the film into a plastic bag, another is for wrapping. It is widely used for the dust-free bag. Box Packing Solution team sold out around 400 tons of LDPE and HDPE to South America and USA market, we can give you customized ideas of those film.

LDPE Film Wrapping

LDPE film wrapping

A material to make plastic bags, or non-dust bags.

HDPE Film Wrapping

HDPE film wrapping

Higher quality than LDPE, deep color than it also.

Plastic Tape | Packing tape | adhesive tape

Box Packing Solution team offer 2 kinds tapes, one is packing tape, another is adhesive tape. Packing tape with BOPP material, use for carton sealing and carton closure. Adhesive tape used for stickers glue, carton logo glue, posters glue and more other functions. We can customize the tapes for you, with customized printing on the surface and your requested sizes.

Custom Printed Packing Tape

Quality PE Foam Tape

Quality Foam adhesive Tapes

Foam tape used for photos, advertisement and mirrors fixing.

Yellow Color Plastic Packing Tape

Yellow Color Plastic packing tape

The inside CARDBOARD TUBE CORE can be printed with your company logo.

More Customized Packaging Materials

As packaging industry so big, we could not list everything here, but if you have more inquiries about other packaging materials, we will produce them together and send with the printed paper boxes and paper bags.