Hot Foil Stamping

Description of hot foil stamping

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is a professional and reliable China supplier of hot foil stamping box, or call it hot stamping or foil printing. Hot foil stamping is a specialty printing process that applys heat, pressure, metal dies and foil film to the printed and finished CCNB, kraft paper, art paper and virgin paperboard. The foil comes in rolls in a wide assortment of colors, finishes, and optical effects. Metallic foil is most commonly seen today – particularly gold foil, silver foil, copper foil, and holographic metallic foils, avaliable colors could be chosen from our color chart.



The Purpose of hot foil stamping

  1. Add luxury or unique feel on the packaging.
  2. Increase customers’ awareness of the logo brand.
  3. In able to make the packaging stand out from market products

Foil paper types

Foil paper always be 400*120mm size, it will cover every customer’s request as the foil paper could be joint.

Gold | Silver foil paper

Most common one, bring the hot foil stamping a silver or gold effect, shiny and high quality looks. Always be use in cosmetic packaging, wine packaging box, paper bags, perfume box, luxury packaging boxes, or heavy duty gift box.

silver foil paper for hot foil stamping

Silver foil paper for hot foil stamping.

metalic foil paper gold foil paper

Metalic foil paper gold foil paper.

Colour pigment foil paper

Different from gold or silver foil paper, colour pigment foil paper offer you more choice on stamping, you can directly select from colour chart, and let us produce the correct colour for you. But it will have a higher MOQ than others, customized products always be like this.

multiple colour pigment foil paper

Multiple colour pigment foil paper.

laser foil paper

Laser foil paper.

Colour pigment foil paper

If the shining or matt is not enough to show, you can choose laser foil paper, it is also called holographic Foil Paper. laser effect always brings people professional and technological feeling, so it always being use in pharmacy box, medical paper box, electronic packaging or even toothpaste carton box.
1.Smooth surface
2.Cleaning and dry paper
3.Exact color chosen

Applications of Hot Stamping

A nice silver stamping watch box

A nice silver stamping watch box

FULL over printed with silver foil stamped logo, telescope shape.

Color pigment stamped postage box

colour pigment foil stamped postage paper box

Deep purple pigment stamping on white box.

Laser foil paper stamped box

laser foil paper stamped box

The yellow area is the golden foil stamped area.

Gold foil stamping chocolate gift box

gold foil stamping chocolate gift box

Box lid gold foil stamped logo, bottom metallic paper laminated inside.

A hot foil stamped paper bag

hot foil stamped paper bag with ribbon closure

Coordinate with the gold ribbon, the paper shopping bag looks attractive!

Paper business card with foil stamping

paper business card with foil stamping

Brozen gold foil stamped, with matt black paper material.

The process is used on a wide range of products to create decorative finishes and anti-counterfeiting measures. In the packaging industry the applications include food, pharma, tobacco, and luxury goods packaging, as well as labels for products such as wine box and spirits box. Beyond packaging, hot foil stamping is extensively used on banknotes, greetings cards, and throughout commercial print.

Our machine for hot foil stamping

As a reliable and experienced paper packaging manufacturer in china, we need to finish around 20 tons of hot foil stamping paper every week, please feel free to contact with out sales for further information or demonstration for our production.

hot foil stamping machine