Hotel Garment Drawer Box

Focus Features:

  • Sliding drawer style, pull out by a cotton tab.
  • Light brown Pantone color, and white link printing.
  • Suitable for pajamas/bathrobe/kimono/lacoste packaging.
  • It can be used as a retail packaging box or gift box. A custom printed outer carton available.
  • Inside white, but can be custom printed also.
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The 5 Kinds of Garment Packaging

Garment packaging materials mainly include plastic bags, moisture-proof paper, cardboard boxes, and other essential materials. For special product packaging, such as hangers, shirts, linings, rubber collars, butterfly sheets, nylon gussets, plastic clips, color boxes. And many more.

Plastic Bag
1 The plastic bag should have strong transparency, and the requirements for printing the handwriting pattern should be precise and must not fall off, and it should be consistent with the up and down direction of the loaded clothing.
2 The size of the plastic bag must be adapted to the actual object. The physical object should be flattened into the plastic bag, and the sealing should be tight, and there should be no opening or damage.
1 Carton should be kept clean and firm inside and outside. Dry and adapt to long-distance transportation.
2 Carton should be padded with moisture-proof materials to protect the goods.
Three box bottom and cover are tight and firm, the sealing paper is positive, and the sides are drooping 10c m.
4 The inner and outer packaging are suitable in size.
5 The reinforcing belt should be positive, elastic, and suitable, not allowed to fall off, and the buckle is firm.
The price verification of the carton is mainly calculated according to the area. The price per unit area of the carton of different materials is different. Here we give the method of calculating the carton area:
The calculation formula for the carton area is (in square meters):
Carton area = (L + D + 0.08cm) × (D + H + 0.05cm) × 2 (m2)
L = carton length; D = carton width; H = carton thickness.
Wooden box
1 The board should be cleaned, and the insects, mold, moisture, and decaying wooden boxes are not allowed to be used. Adapt to long-distance transportation.
2 Do not expose the nail tip in the wooden box.
Three boxes should be lined with moisture-proof materials to protect the goods.
4 The reinforcing belt should be positive, elastic, and suitable, not allowed to fall off, and the buckle is firm.
Skull mark
Marks, also known as hoes, are shipping marks and numbers on the package of exported goods. The outer label of the box (bag) should be clear and correct, and there must be no pollution.
Carton hoes are generally divided into main rafts and side drafts. The main rafts are generally marked with custom code or name, destination port, item number, color, specification, box number, quantity, origin, etc. The color specifications and quantity are generally on the side raft. Wait.

Design Tips For Garment Packaging

For the packaging design of any kind of Hotel Garment products, we must first fully understand the nature of the packaged goods and the logistics environment, in order to select the appropriate packaging materials and methods, and design a packaging structure that is reliable, economical and practical. When determining the degree of protection of the package, it is important to consider the specific requirements of the product. The protection strength of the package is often proportional to the packaging cost. Over-Packing protection strength will increase the packaging cost; on the contrary, it will make the packaged object easy to damage, and also cause economic loss. This hotel garment drawer box made it, so the customer and us both happy for the order.

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