How To Make Your Packaging Similar To Your Competitors

How To Make Your Packaging Similar To Your Competitors?

This topic may be of interest to you. Many customers complain that their old packaging does not look as fancy and sturdy as their competitors’ packaging. Competitors’ packaging structures seem to be better suited to their products, with a sleek body and beautiful printing work. There is no doubt that suitable packaging can add excellent value to your products. Now, let’s discuss how to make a high-quality sample packaging box.

If you’re looking to create packaging that stands out while still being similar to your competitors, you’ve come to the right place. At Box Packing Solution, we understand that creating packaging that meets your business needs is crucial to staying competitive in the market. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create packaging that is similar to your competitors while still maintaining a unique identity.

  1. Research Your Competitors

Before you start designing your packaging, it’s essential to research your competitors. Take a look at their packaging designs, the colors they use, the materials they use, and the messaging they convey. Identify what makes their packaging unique and what sets them apart from the rest.

  1. Identify Similarities and Differences

Once you’ve completed your research, identify the similarities and differences between your packaging and your competitors’ packaging. Look for ways to make your packaging stand out while still maintaining the similarities that customers expect from your industry. For example, you could use a unique color or typography that sets your packaging apart while still using the same materials as your competitors.

  1. Use High-Quality Materials

Using high-quality materials is crucial to creating packaging that is similar to your competitors. High-quality materials not only improve the overall look of your packaging but also ensure that it is durable and protective. Customers will expect to see similar materials used in your packaging as they do in your competitors’ packaging.

  1. Add Your Unique Touch

While it’s essential to maintain similarities with your competitors, it’s also important to add your unique touch. This could be a specific design element or a unique message that resonates with your target audience. Find ways to make your packaging stand out while still maintaining the similarities that customers expect from your industry.

What is Important For Designing A Suitable Packaging Box?

As I mentioned, the box consists of three parts: structure, material, and printing. Let’s step by step. Introduce it to you.

  • Box Structure

Box structure like an unpainted car will determine how your packaging box looks mostly from your customers’ eyes. Length, width, and height. How many pieces of products are packed in a box, from where to open, and need to think about so many details. Before we sorted our common box structures.

Are you on the way to designing a box and not sure what box style goes to? Now we offer free box design templates and free box insert templates, please check and download those useful & popular templates!

  • Box Material

Your customer complained that the box is being damaged when receiving it. Do you feel the package is weak to pack and load your products? Those problems are all about that box material!

For corrugated boxes (mostly for shipping and mailing), you need to know the weight of your one-pack products. Generally, if they are below 5 kg, you can apply a single layer of corrugated cardboard as your material. Double-layer corrugated cardboard for 5-30 kgs, and 30+kgs for higher quality double-layer corrugated cardboard, or triple-layer corrugated cardboard. The folding box has a better quality performance in the pressure and edges crush test than regular slotted carton boxes.

For custom rigid gift boxes. Depend on what kind of products you pack for, and you may need to add an insert to protect them. Also, the cardboard can select from 1mm~3mm thickness.

For personalized paperboard boxes, the material is varied. Mostly you will like an ivory board or Kraft paperboard. We also have sorted out some general paperboard material for boxes.

How Can I Study From My Competitor’s Packaging Style?

We always maintain an innovative mindset in our industry and learn about the latest packaging structures from the packaging design world to meet the demands of our customers. By partnering with a professional packaging design and manufacturing company, you may inevitably lead the packaging fashion in your industry.

It’s also common to come across beautifully designed packaging at supermarkets, shows, or from your suppliers, which may even belong to your competitors. You may wish to learn the structure and apply it to your packaging, but the question is how? We take pride in informing you that our company can help you achieve this by following the steps below:

  1. If you have samples in hand, this is easy, post them to us, and we will analyze the sample packaging box and get to you with the right design and die-cutting work. You can also be customized with your size.
  2. If you have a picture, send it to us, and we will learn it within 30 minutes and send it back to you with the die-cut design. As you can, take more photos from the top, sides, and cardboard thick to us.
  3. If you just have an idea, no pictures, no samples in hand. Ok, check our free packaging design, if you find something similar, then let’s talk about details!
  4. If you want to learn not only the structure but also the printing and printing finish, this will take about one day. Please note that Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd only learn from them, not copies, we also keep our client’s design work for Confidentiality.

How To Proceed With A Sample Packaging Box?

After selecting from numerous box structures, box printing options, and box printing finishes, you may request a sample box from us to test the quality. Great! We are almost there. At this point, we will send you a flat design artwork or box mockup for your confirmation first. Our sales team will communicate with you regarding:

  1. How much thick cardboard would you want?
  2. What printing and printing finish on the box do you require?
  3. Need any cardboard inserts or foam inserts in the box?
  4. Digital printing or bulk machine printing?
  5. How many pieces of samples would you ask?

Do not get a headache on those questions, if you have no experience in answering them. No worries, our sales will just ask you necessary product information and determine those answers on our end.

After getting the answers, we will start re-design and samples for you.

What Machine Will We Use For Sample Cutting?

Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd applies a sample laser cutting machine to all sample cutting. The laser cutting machine is very efficient in cutting boxes, and also accurate as a normal cutting machine. However, it’s not able to do bulk production.

Our sample lead time for digital printing, lamination, corrugated board cutting, and packing is three days. We use the ‘Woodpecker’ machine, which is our trusted partner and supplier for this process. We are constantly updating our sample machines to meet the unique requests of our customers.

Once you receive the samples, you can test them with your products. We are confident that they will meet your demands because our workers pay close attention to your requests and ensure that they are well understood.