Insulation Pot Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Corrugated cardboard, suitable for sea shipping and retail sales.
  • High resolution printed color, makes the box more beautiful.
  • Snap-lock bottom, and tuck top, easy to assemble box up.
  • It can be delivered to any place.
  • The order starts from 500 pieces.
  • Lead time 5-7 business days.
Let’s Customize It Now!

Description of Insulation Pot Packaging Box

The style of the packaging design is simple. The intention is to have a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere in addition to the busywork. The color is fresh and bright, and the rhythm makes drinking water a beautiful and enjoyable moment. One of the schemes also has a floral pattern of shading, which makes the feeling of the goods more savory. Copywriting or inspirational, or warmhearted, or narcissistic, or playful.

The insulated pot packaging box can be set up very fast. When you get a flat box, just fold up the bottom by 1-2-3 step, put the insulation pot into, then close the top and finish the packing process.

If you feel interested in our packaging box, please contact us for your customized one, our designers and sales are ready for you.

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