An Introduction To The Paper Packaging Structure Design

Paper packaging structure is a special kind of plastic arts, through specific folding or bonding methods to connect paper material and commodity all sections together. The packaging structure design is good or bad, has a direct impact on its strength and stability, which also affects the propaganda effect and experience of the product itself. In this sense, the paper package structure design not only cannot be separated from the products, but it should have some natural association with the commodity, together form an organic whole. Some of the designs in this article win the award in the 2016 packaging design.

When doing structure design to paper packaging, must take below factors into consideration:

  1. The protective properties of packaging structure;
  2. The convenience properties of packaging structure;
  3. Packaging innovation.

Protective Properties of Packaging Structure

The protective properties are the intrinsic property of packaging. Mainly reflect on two aspects: one is protecting the commodity itself from damage, the other one is protecting the consumers from hurt by some individual items accidentally.

Corrugated Egg Carton Packaging 2

Corrugated Egg Carton Packaging

This packaging structure is responsible for the better protection of goods. It’s a corrugated cardboard egg carton. The material used for packaging is natural cardboard; the auxiliary equipment is rubber. Rubber, as a shape memory alloy, regardless of the size of the egg, can be firmly hold up. Eggs are placed in an oval die-cut slot, out from the top, because the rubber has elasticity, even upside down, still be able to securely hold the egg, which plays a role in reducing the damage to the eggs.

Structure Design Of Corrugated Egg Carton Packaging

Pinking Shears Paper Protector

This package is mainly aimed at protecting consumers. Pinking shear is manual scissors used by adolescents in hand classes to achieve individual artistic results. The packaging itself as a security measure is arranged by the designer in place, using a simple locking system of protection, which can also be reused. The lines on the packaging surface show the cutting effect that each scissors can achieve.

Convenience Properties of Packaging Structure

Whether a commodity placed in a supermarket attracts customers, to a large extent, is dependent on whether it is easy to carry. Especially for some goods that are not easily carried limited by their shape or size, thus the portability of the packaging structure is particularly important.

One Bottle Wine Paper Carrier

This is a paper cardboard one pack wine carrier. The design of this packaging structure makes up for the shortcomings of the bottle itself is not easy to carry. The side of the outer team of the package is also cleverly applied to the design of a plane, as part of the packaging to show to consumers, no need to place the bottle in a designed box. In this way, the product has become easy to carry, as well as the convenience for a merchant to storage and display of the product.

Dieline For One Bottle Wine Paper Carrier

Innovation Properties of Packaging Structure Design

The unique shape of the packaging structure is undoubtedly more attractive while playing an essential role in the packaging. At the same time, it can play a perfect publicity role in promoting the products.

Creative Watermelon Shape Cardboard Packaging Box

This is a unique chic packaging structure, but also a typical case of which packaging appearance depends on the fabric. The packaging itself consists of several independent small packs; the products are held in small, separated packages. Compared to the monotonous packaging structure, this package is not only with more beautiful shape, but also the overall design is lively and exciting, with a high degree of recognition, which can easily attract the attention of consumers.

Dieline Of Creative Watermelon Shape Cardboard Packaging Box