Jewelry Slip Packaging Boxes

Focus Features:

  • Drawer box style, double wall on five sides.
  • They are made from 2.5mm thick greyboard, coated with art paperboard.
  • Gold foil stamped logo.
  • Pull-out string assembled on the box, easy to pull drawer base out.
  • Inside laminate with black velvet fabric.
  • Matt plastic lamination

Another Style of Two Pieces Jewelry Box

If you are fans of Shanghai BPS, you will notice those jewelry slip packaging boxes are another box style of Two Pieces Jewelry Box, almost the same printing and inside velvet fabric lamination.

In the initial packaging design, we suggest customers think about those two box styles and get one option. Finally, both two boxes are well-loved by our customer, then ordered both.

You may want to know which box is better. There is no answer from us, and we think they are both perfect for jewelry products.

From the box strength aspect, both boxes are strong enough on every point- double wall rigid cardboard makes your products away from damage.

From the beauty aspect, both boxes have the same printing and logo placement.

From costs, since they use almost the same material, there is no significant difference.

More Options Are Waiting For You

Except for Custom Rigid Drawer Boxes and Custom Two Pieces Rigid Boxes, we have about 20 more box style waiting for you to find it out. In our database, we checked one by one; they all fit jewelry products well. If you feel interested in us, contact us for more details and instant assistance!