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Shanghai Box Packing Solution Team is a professional and reliable China supplier of corrugated packaging boxes. We have produced more than 40,000 kinds of corrugated boxes for our customers all around the world.

Corrugated box made from corrugated fiberboard, print the correct material, then cutting them to the corrugated box. We can help you customize the corrugated box from the material, box style, printing, and printing coating to product packing.

As one of the corrugated box manufacturers, cardboard box manufacturers, and cardboard box suppliers, we also offer custom packaging boxes, custom cardboard boxes, custom corrugated shipper box, and custom shipping boxes.

Different Options

Corrugated fiberboard
is a popular material for paper packaging, with options including CCNB-coated, white Kraft, and brown corrugated fiberboard. The strength of corrugated fiberboard can vary depending on the number of layers, with options for single wall (three layers), double wall (five layers), and triple wall (seven layers). Our largest Kraft corrugated fiberboard size is 2000x8000mm, while CCNB-coated corrugated fiberboard is available in 2000x3000mm. Some customers may prefer single-faced corrugated fiberboard.

If you need recycled corrugated boxes, we offer FSC-certified options upon request. Feel free to inquire with us about our FSC-certified corrugated boxes.

Corrugated boxes style covers 12 main kinds, which are being customized from the customer?s requests. They are corrugated top & bottom shape box (paper telescope box), slotted carton box, corrugated folding box, corrugated display box, drawer box, single-faced corrugated pillow box, tuck end corrugated box, snap-lock bottom box, auto bottom box, gable top corrugated box, and corrugated box with hang tab.

The printing method for the corrugated box has three types. They have offset printing, flexo printing, and UV printing.

Printing finish for the corrugated box has five choices, they are UV varnish, glossy or matt lamination, glossy or matt varnish, hot foil stamping, embossing and debossing.

Box Styles

Corrugated Folding Boxes | Mailer Boxes

The corrugated folding box, also known as a one-piece box, is a versatile packaging solution that can be folded or assembled without any glue or tape. This type of box is commonly used for garment packaging, shipping web store products, electronic product packing, and more. To ensure that the box can be easily folded, we recommend using E flute or F flute corrugated fiberboard as the material. These thinner materials are lightweight and easy to fold. In addition, the box can be shipped flat, which helps to reduce shipping and storage costs.

Corrugated Carton Boxes | Moving Boxes | Cardboard Boxes | Custom Boxes

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team offers custom-made corrugated boxes to our customers. Slotted corrugated carton boxes are ubiquitous in the market and can be found almost everywhere due to their affordability and standard sizes. The main box styles include corrugated shipping boxes, moving boxes, corrugated storage boxes, and wardrobe moving boxes. The material used for these boxes can be chosen flexibly based on the weight of your products. Typically, a single-layer or double-layer corrugated fiberboard is used, with thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 8mm. However, if the box is meant to carry heavy products weighing over 150KGS, we strongly recommend using triple-layer corrugated fiberboard for added support.

Corrugated Display Boxes | PDQ | Paper Display Stand | Corrugated Displays

Similar to the display box discussed in another article, corrugated fiberboard can also be used to make display boxes. This material provides strength and rigidity to the box, and when combined with high-quality printing and finishing, your products will stand out from others on store shelves. We recommend using double-layer BE flute corrugated fiberboard, which has a thickness of 4mm and provides excellent strength while minimizing space usage during shipping.

At Box Packing Solution, our most commonly used corrugated fiberboard material for display boxes is 300gsm CCNB coated with 170gsm corrugated inner paper, 140gsm corrugated middle paper, and 170gsm corrugated internal paper, with a final layer of 200gsm inner paper. This material can be printed with full-color or unique Pantone colors and finished with glossy lamination to create high-quality packaging that attracts customers’ attention.

Corrugated Packaging Cartons | Custom Cardboard Boxes

At Shanghai Box Packing Solution Team, we specialize in creating custom packaging cartons to suit your needs. As packaging cartons serve a variety of purposes, there are no limitations on their shape or printing method. Therefore, they are difficult to categorize and are simply referred to as corrugated packaging cartons. These cartons may have additional features such as a plastic or nylon handle, a unique shape, a special closure method with an insert, or a plastic window on one side. Our featured products include the six-pack and four-pack beer carriers.

Box Strength Test

There are several strength standards used in the corrugated box industry, including ECT, FCT, and CMT.

ECT stands for edge crush test, which measures a box’s ability to withstand handling and transport. The test machine applies pressure to the edge of the corrugated box until it crushes, and the weight at which the box crushes is assigned an ECT code, such as ECT32, ECT44, and ECT56. Higher numbers indicate better quality. If you are interested, we can provide a demonstration for you.

FCT stands for flat crush test, which measures the rigidity of the corrugated fiberboard when the box is in a flat position. A higher FCT number indicates a more rigid material.

CMT stands for corrugated medium test and is used to test the strength of the corrugated paper.

Corrugated Fiberboard Test

corrugated fiberboard test

Corrugated Box ECT FCT CMT Test
Corrugated box ECT FCT CMT test

Our boxes being triple times testing before sending to our customers.

Corrugated Box ECT Test Machine
corrugated box ECT test

The heavy plate drops and press many time on the box to test its quality.

Find Videos of Custom Corrugated Boxes

To let You have a better understanding of our works & ability in custom corrugated boxes, our marketing team has prepared some featured videos of custom corrugated boxes & cartons. From the below videos, You will see printing, printing finish, box material, and detailed information. If You like, give a like or comment.

Mock-ups and Animated GIFs for Custom Corrugated Boxes

How Do We Pack Them

All boxes ordered from us will be carefully packed onto pallets, shrink-wrapped, and calculated for maximum container loading efficiency.

corrugated carton box packing stack
corrugated carton box packing stack