What Kind of Printed Paper Bag We Offer

Custom printed paper bags (Personalized paper bags) are popular with most companies. Compared with custom packaging boxes, paper bags are cheaper, easy for marketing and advertising purposes.

We supply various paper bags, ranging from paper shopping bags, paper tote bags, gift bags, and paper handle bags. We have much printing and printing finish on paper bags, like spot UV varnish, hot foil stamping, embossing, glossy and matt lamination, UV printing, and so on.

Find Videos of Custom Printed Paper Bag

To let You have a better understanding of our works & ability in custom paper bags, our marketing team has prepared some featured videos of custom paper bags. From the below videos, you will see printing, printing finish, box material, and detailed information. If You like, give a “like” or comment.

Paper Materials For Custom Printed Paper Bags / Personalized Paper Bags

For shopping purposes, we strongly suggest using white kraft paper, brown kraft paper, and white virgin paperboard, and these are the most popular paper materials for paper bags and easy to add printing effects onto the paper surface. For example, we apply 300gsm white virgin paperboard for garment packaging paper bags and shoe packaging bags; if you need it to bear more weight, the paper quality needs to rise to 350gsm to 400gsm.

We apply 200gsm white/brown kraft paper to make paper bags for lighter product packaging, such as sweaters, plastic bottles, gifts, and electronic devices. The kraft paper seems more eco-friendly and cost-effective while white virgin paper aiming at nice printing and luxury feeling.

There also some customers who asked about specialty paper. They are wondering if specialty paper can make paper bags and what quality needed. The box packing solution team has figured out some nice specialty paper bag material for you. please click the link here- specialty paper material for paper bags.

Printing And Printing Finishes On Custom Printed Paper Bags

As one of the famous paper bag manufacturers in China, with us, you can select various printing and printing finish onto the paper bags. Paper bags printing can be full oversize or spot printing, with your logo and brand description on the two long sides, your website on the sides, and then this is a very traditional paper bag.

We owned advanced printing machines, cover flexo printing and offset printing, customize your paper bag with several colors as many as seven colors! Also, we can print on outside and inside; moreover, even on the bottom, it is workable for us. After placing an order, just let your designer think of the design, the other things, please let us handle it. We have UV varnish, glossy finish, matte finish, embossing/debossing, hot foil stamping, and Soft-touch film lamination.

For cosmetic packaging, customers always apply spot UV varnish onto the Printed Paper Bags to promote their brand, and gift customer would make their logo gold foil stamping to make the paper bag seems a luxury.

For printing options of paper shopping bags, usually, we provide offset printing, with technology development, through modern printing machine we can correctly print artwork on paper shopping bags. No matter it is a solid color or a bright picture. And now paper shopping bags have become more and more popular, not only are recyclable and reusable products, but also they have so many varieties to fit different customer’s needs, to carry various goods.

For example, usually, we only print on the face of paper shopping bags. Still, we can select to print inside of the paper shopping bags too, inside printing can make your paper shopping bags look very special, become more suitable to carry expensive goods.

Custom Printed Paper Bags

If you do not have an idea from the above words, let’s custom made your paper bags! Shanghai Box Packing Solution Team is an experienced and reliable China paper bags supplier. Custom paper bags have different shapes like no sides Printed Paper Bags, no bottom paper bag. Also, they are coordinate with pp handle, or rope handles include a paper handle, nylon handle, and cotton handle.

Some customers may ask why there are very few bags apply leather handles. The answer is simple: paper bags are thin, it’s hard to install it onto the paper bags and to bear the weight to straight paper bags up, meanwhile corrugated boxes and rigid cardboard gift boxes could take it. For shopping bags, we strongly suggest sides with bottom bags, and only for packing purposes, we also suggest no sides paper bags.

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