Large Corrugated Pallet Rack for Fruit

Focus Features:

  • Load 370lbs weight max.
  • Five layers shaped fifteen separate dividers.
  • A rigid cardboard bin on the bottom, can storage products, work as a reinforced base of whole pallet display.
  • Header area, side area, bottom area, and shelf area can be custom printed.
  • Long-life using.

When To Use This Pallet Displays Rack?

A large corrugated pallet rack for fruit is a unique type of pallet display with a massive size of 80x80x230cm. As retail sales continue to thrive, pallet displays are becoming increasingly important. In supermarkets, you can find many such big boxes standing in the center or corners, filled with products. This pallet rack comes with dividers, allowing you to load different products for sales, making it suitable for suppliers with a long product range.

The display is easy to load products into, and it catches the attention of supermarket workers every time.

Can It Be Customized?

The answer is yes! Large corrugated pallet rack for fruits, you can change it to pack stationery, bags, watches, and so on. Regarding the size, 80x80x230cm is not our limit. As described before, we have no limit in size by joint-displays-together.

The printing, we will send you free die-cut lines once you confirm an order with us. Feel free to place your graphics onto, get it outlined, and send it back to us. You have no limits in printing color, too. Our printing machine can support six colors each printing run and can get a double number of colors for the second time printing.

How Do We Ship Such Big Cardboard Pallet Displays Rack?

Good question! It depends on where you need us to deliver and how many pieces you have ordered. Generally, we ship the pieces flat. Even if the size is big, it can still be joined by many parts. There’s no need to worry about assembling them, as we will send you a PDF file or physical instructions to help you and your sellers.

Are you interested in developing a custom-made, sizable corrugated pallet rack for fruit? Contact us today to get your proposal!