Large Customized Corrugated Floor Displays for Beauty Products

Focus Features:

  • The big size, which is 80*30*170cm, can be even bigger.
  • Dump bin on the bottom, support the whole box.
  • Un-straight body, give your products a better aspect to be caught out/
  • Back of display can add some hooks to make it works as a custom hook displays.
  • Worldwide delivery on-time service.

Anywhere Custom Floor Display Stands (POS)

Use this Large Customized Corrugated Floor Display for Beauty Products to elevate your merchandise and attract customers at any point of sale (POS) location. The display features seven tiers of ample space for merchandise and graphics on the ledges. The removable header can also be customized with an image to announce promotions or showcase brand names.

Whether you are selling coffee beans, boxed food, or children’s toys, this attention-grabbing display with its customized stickers will draw customers’ attention at POS locations. The stickers are adhered before shipping to ensure correct placement on your retail POS unit.

This cardboard floor display is an effective way to promote your merchandise at store POS locations. Use it to display beauty products and other merchandise with customized branding and messaging to increase sales and customer engagement.

Size Customized

This Large Customized Corrugated Floor Display for Beauty Products measures 80x30x170cm, which is a very large size. We can make it even more prominent for you if needed. The header area can be customized in shape and size, and you are free to outline it as per your requirements.

If you are interested in placing an order, please feel free to send us an inquiry!