Logo Personalizable Timber Wine Case

Focus Features:

  • Sustainable source timber material wine case
  • Custom logo and design printed
  • Portable: metal carrying handle
  • Able to customize your size
  • Door-to-Door delivery service available


Logo Personalizable Timber Wine Case, it’s a timber crate box for two-pack wine packaging.

This wine case is made from sustainable source timber, conform to our company’s concept of green environmental protection. The image and logo on this wine case are printed in eco-friendly paint, with no smell or harmful substance.

The surface of the wood is perfectly polished to be smooth. Two straps are firmly nailed on top of the wine case to reinforce the box. Inside the box, we put a removable wood insert to divide and protect the two wine bottles. Sometimes we also place color raffia paper to decorate the wine.


Material Pine Wood
Printing Eco-friendly painting
Closure Metal latch and metal hinge
Handle Galvanized metal handle
Wood Removable wood divider
Other Raffia paper decoration

Custom service:

  1. Size: Based on the dimension of your wine bottle and your required packing numbers, we can customize the most suitable wine case size;
  2. Logo and design: please kindly send us your logo and design, our professional designer will work on it and put them on your wine case;
  3. Handle: rope, leather, and metal handle options available;
  4. Others: any special requirements, please feel free to tell us. We will try our best to realize it.