Luxury Cardboard Gift Box For Packing Cosmetic Makeup Kit

Focus Features:

  • Spot UV, embossing, matte plastic coating.
  • Custom cut-out
  • Sustainable material
  • Custom size and printing for different cosmetic products
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Suitable for UPS standard


Luxury Cardboard Gift Box For Packing Cosmetic Makeup Kit, this gift box is closed with a magnet plate.

The outside of the carton is printed with pink as the background color, covered with matte film. Since the products are high-end cosmetics, it is necessary to highlight the brand. We spot UV the logo according to the customer’s requirements and then emboss it to make the logo particularly noticeable. The logo is surrounded by a frame, and this piece is also spot UV treated, making the product brand look more three-dimensional. After opening the box, the reverse side of the lid is the slogan of the customer’s brand, using spot UV to strengthen the brand’s penetration further. As shown in the picture, the interior of this gift box is also printed in pink, and the white printing around the carton makes the box look fresh and bright.

It should be noted that we can also customize the liner according to the size of your product. At present, we have EVA, EPE, cardboard, blister, pulp tray to choose from. Of course, the surface of the lining can be printed according to the color of the box to achieve the overall color coordination effect of the packaging box.

The delivery time of our mass production is about 12 days, and we can provide point-to-point transportation services. Before mass production, we can provide 3D renderings and printed samples for your confirmation. The sample production time is seven days. If you have more interest in this product, please feel free to write to us.