Luxury Essential Oil Box Double Side Printing

Focus Features:

  • Kraft paperboard laminate inside and outside
  • Litho Printing full color
  • 3mm thick duplex grey board as the core of the box, protect essential oil bottle away from damage.
  • Hidden Magnetic closure applied on the flip of box
  • 100% cardboard material recycled, made from wasted newspaper.
  • Can be upgraded to collapsible rigid box style if you like
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What Kind of Printing Design Suits For The Essential Oil Box

Essential oil represents natural, organic, and healthy, so the packaging box needs to show these topics & features out. For example, this luxury necessary oil box double-side printing, from its natural color Kraft paperboard color to it’s natural and straightforward, and it works well. As you can see on the website, we have more than ten kinds of such essential oil packaging boxes & tubes, which are different printing and material, but the topic is the same packaging to products, like apparel to a human. A gentleman will wear suitable apparel to show his gentle and characteristics by appropriate apparel. Good packaging will give the customer the first impression of their products, and it needs to be Intuitive.

Collapsible VS Unfoldable, Which Is Better For You?

The collapsible rigid box is suitable for a significant volume order, and it is worthy for you to save a lot of shipping costs & storage costs. However, it takes longer delivery time than unfoldable rigid boxes (hinged lid), and you need to peel off stickers on edge once you need to use the box to pack your products.

Unfoldable box performed better than a collapsible rigid box because it’s the original structure, more durable than the sticker glue box. However, it’s not foldable. If you order a small quantity order, this is not a big case, and you can direct pack your products without assembling boxes up.

Ask For Die-line of Luxury Essential Oil Box Double-Sided Printing

If you need the same size for this box, please fill the form and ask us to offer it. If you need a standard box die-line, please jump to the additional information box on this page, you will see a free die-line download link to the page, just control + F to find your idea box template. Yes, it’s free.

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