Luxury Gift Box With Gold Foil Stamping For Scarf

Focus Features:

  • Gold silver foil stamping
  • Brown specialty paper coating
  • Specially designed for the scarf
  • MOQ starts from 1,000 pieces
  • Sustainable material
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Luxury Gift Box With Gold Foil Stamping For Scarf, Top and Bottom box style. It was made from 2200 um thick grey board, wrapped with special brown paperboard. Gold foil stamped logo, Usually applied to Scarf, gift, etc. Our MOQ is 500 pieces for this kind of box, and turnaround time is five days for sample, 12 days for production. The packing method is kraft cartons. Flexible in Different Shipping Options. Featured as Delivery to Door Service (DDU terms).

The box can be widely used in scarf packaging, gift packaging, Candy packaging, underwear packaging, and so on.

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