Luxury Wig Packaging Boxes with Silver Stamping

Focus Features:

  • Magnetic closure, secure the wig in its position in the box.
  • Silver foil stamping on the box lid, get a good contrast from matt lamination of the box.
  • Matt lamination on box surface, water-resistant, protect the printing content.
  • An individual pack shipping carton can be developed to pack one/multiple rigid boxes.
  • No dividers, leave enough room for wigs/hair extension products placing.
  • Inside of lid, there is printing, can be customized to whatever content.

About The Luxury Wig Packaging Boxes with Silver Stamping

This box features a marble color with a silver foil-stamped logo, and contains six hidden magnets that securely connect the box when closed. The inside of the flap is printed with content that is revealed when the box is opened, creating a unique and engaging experience for customers. The natural marble texture of the box gives it a luxurious and high-end appearance, similar to the Wooden Round Tube Packaging for Food.

These luxury wig packaging boxes with silver stamping are designed to be packed in a double wall corrugated master carton box, ensuring safe transportation and delivery of the product. Contact us today to develop your own branded customized packaging box with unique and eye-catching features.