Marine Dust Cover Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • 350gsm/170gsm/300gsm- high quality corrugated litho cardboard
  • Full-color printing, glossy lamination
  • Folding mailer carton box, suitable for heavy product packaging and shipping
  • Foldable in shipping to your hand, with low shipping costs.
  • High-customized per your artwork and size request
  • Fast delivery time acceptable
  • Multiple options for inserts and dividers
Let's Customize It Now!
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Marine dust cover packaging box made from corrugated fiberboard material, this box includes the customer’s logo, product descriptions, and an area able to stick labels on. Marine dust cover is heavyweight, which requests the box to be solid enough to pack them. 350gsm/170gsm/300gsm is the one suitable for such products.

Change This Box Style To Pack Your Products

You can study marine dust cover packaging box style to start your packaging box. This box also can be used for cosmetics product packaging, clock packaging, cake packaging, glass packaging, cookie packaging, and other industrial using packaging. We are happy to get you a template for this box with your requested size, and then you need to illustrate your design artwork onto the die cutline,

More Options For Cardboard And Printing

If your box needs to hold more than 80KG, then this box material is not suitable for you anymore. We have a double-wall corrugated box available for you, we usually would suggest below:
  1. Flexo printing cardboard packaging box: 350gsm/200gsm/170gsm/200gsm/230gsm, BE flute, or AB flute.
  2. Offset litho printing cardboard packaging box: 230gsm/200gsm/170gsm/200gsm/230gsm, BE flute, or AB flute.

About printing, we can print as many as eight colors, and You can keep a peaceful mind to create a design and our printing quality, We have two sets of Komori printing machine in hand waiting for you.

About printing finish, we have matt lamination, hot foil stamping, embossing, and so on, you can refer to our box printing options page to learn more.

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