Matt Black Men’s Perfume Box with Silver Stamping and Embossing

Focus Features:

  • Embossed UV varnish on logo
  • Black UV printing
  • Silver hot foil stamping
  • 350gsm black paperboard, thick and durable.
  • Whole black color corrugated cardboard insert for perfume bottle
  • Tuck end box style
  • Recycled cardboard material
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Multiple Printing Process on One Box

As you see, the box title- Matt Black Men’s Perfume Box with Silver Stamping and Embossing, includes UV varnish, hot foil stamping, plastic lamination, and embossing. The secret to controlling quality for so many printing processes is the layout. The layout means we need to arrange different mold templates for them and do several times test before run orders, and then they can stay in position. The whole box seems a good layout.

Makes Your Perfume Box Unique!

In the packaging industry, perfume packaging box are always customized made, how to make it unique? Only if your brand is well-known by customers, or you need to concentrate on packaging bottles and cardboard packaging. In BPS, we offer custom cardboard boxes only, so we will tell you how to achieve the goal:
  • Use PMS color instead of CMYK, PMS is more comfortable to be recognized and stand out from other CMYK printed items.
  • Use multiple printing processes to gain an eye-catching effect. Like this Matt Black Men’s Perfume Box with Silver Stamping and Embossing, you can’t resist to remember it and feel it.
  • Use specialty paperboard instead of standard cardboard. Specialty paperboard always has its texture and thickness, which is hard to be imitated by others.
  • Ensure the whole packaging reflects your brand; every element, every layout on the box, should be correct.
Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd spares no effort to help you create your fantastic perfume packaging box, if you are interested in, just by filling the contact form and waiting for us to knock your door.
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