Matt Black Men’s Perfume Box with Silver Stamping and Embossing

Focus Features:

  • Embossed UV varnish on logo
  • Black UV printing
  • Silver hot foil stamping
  • 350gsm black paperboard, thick and durable.
  • Whole black color corrugated cardboard insert for perfume bottle
  • Tuck end box style
  • Recycled cardboard material

Multiple Printing Process on One Box

As you can see from the box title, “Matt Black Men’s Perfume Box with Silver Stamping and Embossing,” the box includes various finishing techniques such as UV varnish, hot foil stamping, plastic lamination, and embossing. The key to controlling the quality of these many printing processes is proper layout planning. This involves arranging different mold templates and conducting several tests before running orders to ensure they stay in the correct position. As a result, the whole box has a good layout.

Makes Your Perfume Box Unique!

In the packaging industry, custom perfume boxes are always customized to make them unique. But how can you make them stand out? Here are some tips from BPS:

  1. Use PMS colors instead of CMYK. PMS colors are more recognizable and can help your packaging stand out.
  2. Utilize multiple printing processes to create an eye-catching effect. The Matt Black Men’s Perfume Box with Silver Stamping and Embossing is a great example of this.
  3. Use specialty paperboard instead of standard cardboard. Specialty paperboard has unique textures and thicknesses that are hard to imitate.
  4. Ensure that every element and layout of the packaging reflects your brand.

At Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd, we spare no effort in helping you create a fantastic perfume packaging box. If you’re interested, fill out the contact form and wait for us to get in touch with you.