Matt White Chocolate Box with Magnet Closure

Focus Features:

  • Magnetic closure, secure the chocolate well in the box.
  • Paperboard folded chocolate insert.
  • Printing can be added full over the box, inside and outside, as well as insert.
  • Food grade paperboard can touch chocolate directly.
  • Matt lamination on box surface, water-resistant.
  • An individual pack shipping carton can be developed to pack one/multiple rigid boxes.

How To Make The Chocolate Box Impressive

This is a good topic from our customer, and we rewrite it again here for your reference:

  1. Make a good printing layout. Printing is the most important part of a packaging box, and if you create the right content and lay it in the right position of a box, the final result will be amazing. Printing is the first thing to jump into your customer’s eyes, and it should include enough information about products and highlight the brand. I believe you can find a suitable designer or go to the design house directly for your requirements, if you can’t, we can suggest some design partners. Please note that if the printing is just a logo or text, you can send us the file, we will do it free for you. (for this matt white chocolate box with magnet closure, we suggest you add a printing on the inside lid, when customer open it, the welcomed words or history of the company will impress your customer again)
  2. Tight-fitting. No one wants their chocolate to get broken or chocolate jump off the single packaging once receiving. It’s easy to avoid this- By sending us real chocolates or dimension fo chocolate, we test it with our shipping company and send you a test report.
  3. Care for Packing. Many customers told us this before ordering. We understand them well and focus on good packing for chocolate boxes. Firstly, we take a solid double wall corrugated box as a master carton. Secondly, we will stack the boxes on pallets if necessary. Finally, we take pictures after loading, sending to customers and shipping companies, notice them care for shipping. Based on three ways, we never have custom complain about product damages.

Flexible Chocolate Box Styles

There are no limits in cardboard material and box styles in chocolate packaging. You can select a lot of box styles and cardboard material from our database. Contact us for more details, and our sales will give you enough support before ordering.