Offset Printed Meat Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • The US imported brown Kraft paperboard, triple thicker, and durable than locally produced paperboard.

  • Offset printing can be vibrant and real enough on such paperboard, not faded through time.

  • Tuck end box style, easy to be opened, and fast product assembly process.

  • Flat in shipping and storage

  • Short lead time

How We Design & Produce Such Packaging Box?

To meet the meat manufacturer’s requirements for a packaging material that has good hardness and stiffness, we decided to import US card instead of using corrugated cardboard or domestic kraft paper. Although this material is more expensive, it can bear up to 10KG after being made into a packaging box, which is far beyond the manufacturer’s requirements. Additionally, the manufacturer required CMYK printing, which is not suitable for kraft paper. We conducted over ten printing tests and adjusted the printing press to achieve the desired result on the imported beauty paper.

Since this packaging is intended for end customers in retail, it needs to be competitively priced. We used an automatic bonding machine to complete the bonding of the boxes, which saved a lot of labor and ultimately reduced the cost of the carton. Moreover, the meat box can be folded, reducing transportation costs and storage costs for the manufacturer.

Can This Box Being Used For Other Industry?

Yes, except used as an Offset Printed Meat Packaging Box, it has more usage. For small items, snack food packaging boxes, underwear packaging boxes, and electronic products packaging boxes.

Feel interested in this offset printed meat packaging box? Contact us to customize the printing works and size, and we are ready for you now!