Offset Printed Wristbands Packaging Carton Box

Focus Features:

  • E flute corrugated material, Surface is white art paper board, which will not show corrugated flute lines on the outside, make it elegant!
  • Full-color printing, CMYK+5 Pantone color.
  • Tight-fitting on edge and flaps, protect the wristbands well.
  • Interior white Kraft paperboard instead of brown.
  • Accurate size cutting, leave enough room for your products.
Let’s Customize It Now!

Share Templates & Reduce Costs

If you are our frequent reader, you will notice this offset printed wristbands packaging carton box is the same box style as Wristband Locator Tracker Packaging Box and Smart Home Device Packaging Box. They are one kind of box from the same client. Why we show you this? Just want you to know, share die-cutting templates and save you single place costs. For example, such a box has nine versions, but the same size. So we only charge one time one place cost, instead of one time, nine plates. We save your plates for three years, you will never need to pay extra plate setup costs, and this time renew once you reorder from us.

Best Packaging Style For Wristbands

We know the market for a new brand is a challenge, so we work hard- offer high-quality packaging boxes. For startups, we have some excellent support terms, such as cheap setup costs, free blank sample mockups, and Box design Support. We have the ability in such an area, and such support terms, not a joke, it helps you in idea and money.

Do you feel confident after using such packaging boxes for your products? If yes, do not hesitate to contact us by sending a message.

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