What is Offset Printing?

Offset printing conjointly referred to as offset lithography, could be a methodology of mass-production printing. Within which the pictures on metal plates are transferred to rubber blankets or rollers and then to the print media. The print media, typically paper, doesn’t come into direct contact with the metal plates.

Offset lithography is one of the most common ways of creating printing items. The most regular applications include magazines, brochures, stationery, and box packaging printing. Comparing to other printing methods, offset printing is best-suited way, of economically producing for big volumes of high-quality prints in a sense that requires little maintenance.

offset printing paper box products

Offset printing products

In Box Packing Solution Team, we are dedicated to adopting the advanced offset printing technology and instrumentality for our paper packaging. The main products have printed paper boxes, luxury printed paper bags and printing services like brochures, booklets, product catalogs.

Offset printed paper box

Printed corrugated box

Litho printing paper bag

Cosmetic packaging box

Magazine, manual & leaflet, book, sticker printing

offset printed specialty paper box

Offset printed specialty paper box.

magazine printing

Magazine printing.

eyelash cardboard box

Printed eyelash cardboard box.

litho offset printed paper bag

Litho offset printed paper bag.

offset printed corrugated vote box ballot box

Offset printed corrugated vote box ballot box.

Advanced Offset printing equipment

All the elements of a press have to be compelled to be perfectly coordinated to achieve the short readying times. The most productive, and high print quality that is key to creating an industrial print shop sure-fire. With the Star System, we offer the proper peripheral answer for your printing products. This produces associate degree integrated package solution for optimum results with no compromises. For offset printing manage system, we apply Star System, with this system, we also make the printing process green and economical.

Offset printing is the most cost-saving method for producing high-quality prints in commercial printing quantities. With consistent high image quality and quick and easy production of printing plates. Above are the advantages of offset printing compared to other printing methods. The disadvantage is the time and cost associated with producing plates and printing press setup. As a result, very small quantity printing orders may now prefer to use digital offset machines to save costs.

offset printing star system for packaging

Name of sheetfed machineSpeedMax cardboard Size
Speedmaster CD 10215,000 sheets per hour700*1400 mm
Speedmaster CX 10216,500 sheets per hour750*1800 mm
Speedmaster XL 14518,000 sheets per hour1000*2200 mm
Speedmaster SX 10215,000 sheets per hour700*1000 mm
Roland 855C22,000 sheets per hour400*1200mm
Paper Size
Printing Area
Printing Area
One color offset printing machine68×49.5 cm65×47.5 cm22×39 cm
Japanese Roybi four color offset printing machine78.8×60 cm75×68 cm22×33 cm
Man Roland two color offset printing machine104.5×75 cm101×69.5 cm42×33 cm
Heidelberg SpeedMaster704 four color offset printing machine104×74.5 cm101×69.5 cm45×33 cm
Man Roland905 four color offset printing machine96.5×130 cm95.5×130 cm50×70 cm
Man Roland904 four color offset printing machine120.5×162 cm100×140 cm60×92 cm
Man Roland four color offset printing machine120.5×160 cm119×62 cm60×92 cm

CMYK & PMS color

You can select CMYK or PMS (pantone color) to achieve your printing, please feel free to download the CMYK Color chart and PMS color list for your reference.

After selecting the right color of your printing work for offset printing, you can contact with your own designer or box packing solution team, we have a design center, would support you to get latest design work for paper packaging boxes.

CMYK color reference chart

CMYK Color reference chart

Choose your CMYK color by downloading the full CMYK Color chart here.

Pantone color reference chart

PMS Color reference chart

Choose your Pantone color by downloading the full PMS Color chart here.

Printing Finish

After Offset printing, we would apply a range of printing finish onto, in order to protect the printing work or make it eye-catching effect. It includes UV varnishing, Glossy | Matt Varnishing, Glossy | Matt Lamination, Hot Foil Stamping and Embossing | Debossing. please refer to our printing finish guidance to select your best finish method on your packaging!