Custom Printed Organic Tea Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Auto-lock bottom, pre-glued before shipping out by us, the fast product assembles on your end.
  • Tuck top, fast open style.
  • 300gsm white virgin paperboard, thick enough to pack several tea bags.
  • Hot foil stamp of the logo, UV shiny effect on the artwork.
  • Flat shipping, free design mockup for this box style.

More Details about the Organic Tea Packaging Box

This tea box is made from white cardboard and features CMYK printing, matte lamination, hot stamping, and partial UV treatment. The design incorporates several elements that are associated with the brand, making it easily recognizable to customers. Cardboard is a popular choice for tea packaging boxes as they are often used as gifts. However, since this package is for retail purposes, a paper card box is the most cost-effective option, with a unit price that is only one-fifth of a gift box. Additionally, the packaging material is environmentally friendly and recyclable, which aligns with Shanghai BPS’s commitment to sustainability.

What Is Tea Packaging?

Tea packaging refers to the process of packaging tea according to customers’ needs in order to promote the sale of tea products.

An excellent tea packaging design can increase the value of tea several times.

Tea packaging has become an essential part of the global tea industry. This well-designed Custom Printed Organic Tea Packaging Box is available for free sample design, whether you are a new customer or one of our old friends.