Write At The Beginning About Packaging Design Guidance

Today, we should introduce our thought of how important the paper packaging design is. It is a process before an order to finish products, and the idea comes to real products, needs us to cooperate with customers. Especially the new concept and suitable solutions. It includes design finalizing, paper packaging style choice, paper material choice, and inserts option if needed.

We are sure You will get answered for the questions, like “how to find packaging for a product” “how to find a packaging company” and so on, just after reading this article.

Paper Packaging Style Choice

As a first step to set up your packaging design, you need to choose the best box styles from the below link: For professional reader version: click here For accessible understanding version: click here. After selecting, let us know. Better to send us the screenshot or the packaging style code, and tell us the correct size, then we would send you the layout. Problems always stay here: What if I do not know the size of my packaging? It still has three situations here:

  • I have my old packaging sample on hand
  • I only have a product sample in my hand
  • I do not have products on hand but have designed for the products
  • I didn’t have anything, have a product model in my mind. Let’s figure out each problem together.

How To Measure A Paper Box

Don’t know how to measure the size of the paper box or paper bag? It’s easy! Please take a photo of the packaging, with a measure to show the size from the flap to flap. Imagine it is a stone. The volume should be side by side. The package always includes length, width, and height. If you still don’t understand us, please talk online with a camera or post the sample. We will make it for you.

The benefit of sending the sample to us is that we can know how good your old supplier’s quality. Combine with your comments, and we would get better to know what material should be used on your products. As below picture shown, the size of the box should be 25cm (L)*25cm (W)*17cm (H), with a 13*9.5cm window open.

How to measure a paper box

How to measure a paper box

If your products’ shape is standard, such as round, square, or it’s the conventional shape, please let us know the size, take a picture is enough to show. Please note that we only need to tell us the diameter and length of the round tube shape.

If you didn’t measure it as so many sides, we would like to ask you to send the product sample to us and develop the correct size packaging for you. At this moment, we let you know that the box has an inner dimension and the outer dimension. The inner dimension is the actual size room in the package. Meanwhile, the external dimension is the box’s total size, measured from the outside, and if you do not figure out, we default it as the inner dimension.

This situation always happened in the 3D products, like the foam insert for boxes or other individual products. Just send us the design work. No matter if it’s a 3D file or 2D file, our professional designer will research it and then create a suitable package design for you. It’s better to confirm the size firstly by evaluating. We will make mock-up samples for you to test packing products. We also offer the 3D effect of the package for you. Below the article, we will let you know how to demonstrate a box model for our customers.
We congratulate you on your business. However, it’s the hardest degree for us to test the package set up. With years of box packing solution experience, we have many solutions for you, and things seem more interesting than annoying. Firstly, let us know what product are you selling, then we would go to the market and search on the internet to get more details of it.

From this step, we will know the approximate size of the packaging, send you several sizes for confirmation. Then we will offer several box designs for your choice, and every box structure is suitable for your ideal products.

In this way, we are doing the package idea and solution together! There a real story that Mr. Mark Guo in our company sets up a great business for the customer. In the initial, the customer only let him know he needs to set up a wine business. Then our designer searches all bottle size for him, and create ten box design for the customer.

Finally, they choose a 330ml bottle for packing and a beautifully designed package for marketing. We feel delighted to grow up with the customer. After all, we would send the die-cut as below. For your confirmation, we continue artwork finish if need or go into production after receiving your artwork.

Customized box die-line layout file

Customized box die-line layout file

Box Mock-up Service

Sometimes, you may need static mock-up pictures for your products to see how the printing will be, how the boxes look like. This is all you want to before ordering a sample. We can fully cover you. Below are some box Mock-up samples: (We can change everything refers to your design and idea)

What’s The Next Step To Finish The Packaging Design?

The Next Step for packaging design is to print the paper packaging, with a suitable printing machine and printing finish machine. Please check our Order FAQ for more support.

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