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Write in the beginning

Today, we should clearly introduce our thought of how important the paper packaging design is. It is a process before an order to finish products, and the idea comes to real products, need us cooperate with customers. Especially the new idea and suitable solutions. It includes design finalizing, paper packaging style choice, paper material choice, and inserts choice if needed.

Paper packaging style choice

As a first step to set up your packaging design, you need to choose the best box styles from below link: For professional reader version: click here For easy understanding version: click here After choosing, let us know, better to send us the screenshot or the packaging style code, and tell us the correct size, then we would send you the layout. Problems always stay here: What if I do not know the size of my packaging? It always has 3 situations here: 1. I have my old packaging sample on hand 2. I only have products sample on hand 3. I do not have products on hand but have designed for the products 4. I didn’t have anything, just have a products model in my mind. Let’s figure out each problem together.

How to measure a paper box

1. Have old version packaging in hand.

Don’t know how to measure the size of the paper box or paper bag? It’s easy! Take a photo of the packaging, with a measure to show the size from flap to flap, just imagine it is a stone, the size should be side by side. The package always includes length, width, and height. If you still don’t understand us, please talk online with a camera or just post the sample to us, we will make it for you. The benefit for sending the sample to us is that we can know how good quality of your old supplier. Combine with your comments, we would get better to know what material should be used on your products. As below picture shown, the size of the box should be 25cm (L)*25cm (W)*17cm (H), with a 13*9.5cm window open.

If the shape of your products is common, such as round, square or it’s conventional shape, please let us know the size, take a picture is enough to show. Please note that for the round tube shape, only need to tell us the diameter and length. If you can’t measure it as so many sides, we would like to ask you send the products sample to us and develop the correct size packaging for you. We hereby let you know that box have inner dimension and the outer dimension, the inner dimension is the actual size room in the package. Meanwhile, outer dimension is the total size of the box, measured from the outside, if you do not figure out, we default it as the inner dimension.

This situation always happened in the 3D products, like the foam insert for boxes or other special products. Just send us the design work, no matter it’s 3D file or 2D file, our professional designer will research on it then create suitable package design for you. It’s better to confirm the size firstly by evaluate, and we will make mock-up samples for you to test packing products. We also offer the 3D effect of the package for you, below the article we will let you know how to demonstrate a box model for our customers.

We congratulate for your business, however, it’s the hardest degree for us to test the package set up. With years box packing solution experience, we have many solutions for you, things seem more interesting than boring. Firstly, let us know what product are you selling, then we would go to the market and search on the internet to get more details of it, from this step we will know the approximate size of the packaging, send you several sizes for confirmation. Then we will offer several box design for your choice, every box structure is suitable for your ideal products. In this way, we are doing the package idea and solution together! There a real story that Mr. Tommy Jin in our company, set up a nice business for the customer. In the initial, the customer only let him know he needs to set up wine business. Then our designer searches all bottle size for him, and create 10 box design for the customer, finally, they choose 330ml bottle for packing and a nice designed package for marketing. We feel very happy to grow up with the customer. After all, we would send the die-cut as below, for your confirmation, then we continue artwork finish if need or go into production after receiving your artwork.

Customized box die-line layout file
In design field, it’s better to select ADOBE company design file, like ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, CORELDRAW. Final file format should be *PSD, *AI, *PDF, *CDR, they must be high resolution, and then we could print the packaging design better quality. If the box with foam insert, you need offer 3D file, we suggest using CAD to create. (Click to download)


Design finalizing of paper packaging

Firstly, Box Packing Solution team offer free die-line layout packaging design service, it means our designer will give you the design file for you to create more artwork onto it. The artwork should be high resolution, no matter how big it is, if you are considering the big file could not transfer to us, no worries! Below tools are the best choice for you, they won great feedback from Box Packing Solution team’s customers. (click to start transfer)

Finished box packaging artwork.

If the artwork finished by your side, please note that the marks on the file are important when you apply printing finish onto it. Such as UV varnish, Hot foil stamping or embossing. The artwork onto should have this marked, our production worker will know where to do the finish. If the artwork finished by us, you need to offer images element to us and tell us the position to put them. Our designer obeys the design rule, make your artwork suitable for reading and redesigning, also it is important to make it suitable for printing machine installing.

Box Packing Solution team offer many kinds of paper material exits in the world, but there are for different using. Please click the link to our former article about the paper material, then you will get to know what kind material is your choice for packaging design.

Paper material for printed boxes, bags and papers introduction.

1. For paper boxes, you may need brown Kraft paper, white Kraft paper, Clay Coated News Back (CCNB) paper. White virgin board or Ivory board, and specialty paper card stock. We also introduce golden metallic foiled paper for cosmetic packaging, include eyelash box, face cream box, lipstick box, perfume box and powder foundation box. 2. For corrugated boxes, you may need brown Kraft face corrugated fiberboard, white Kraft faces corrugated fiberboard. CCNB coated face corrugated fiberboard and single faced corrugated fiberboard. 3. For rigid cardboard gift boxes, you may need Art paper coated with a duplex board or high-density cardboard. Specialty paper coated with a duplex board or high-density cardboard, and Kraft paper coated with a duplex board. 4. For paper bags, you may need art paper, white virgin paperboard or Ivory board. Kraft paper in brown or white and specialty paperboard. Please noted that if you need food bag, there should be a plastic film lamination inside to avoid oil or heat disclosure. After selecting the material, it is important to choose the correct thickness of the material. The different thick need has different loading weight quality. If you are not sure please feel free to contact Box Packing Solution team for a support.

3D demonstration for packaging box design work

3D box design demonstration.

Some customer always asks us for a demonstration of their box design before samples or bulk order production. It is important for us also. We bought professional 3D design software for our customers, after finish the design you will see the “real sample” in 3D file or pictures. From this step, we have a general review of what done, that’s great!

Box Mock-up Service

Sometimes, you may just need “static” mock-up pictures for your products, to see how the printing will be, how the boxes look like, this is all you want to before ordering a sample. We are able to full cover you. Below are some box Mock-up samples: (Everything can be changed to your design and idea)

tuck end packaging box with specialty texture Mock-up

Retail sales packaging box Mock-up

outside and inside printed color box

qualified cardboard tube box mock-up

healthy tea cardboard tube packaging mock-up

customized tea packaging tubes mock-up

customized cardboard tube for coffee mock-up

cosmetics and perfume packaging tube box mock-up

coffee bean packaging tubes mock-up

take away kraft bags mock-up custom made

high-quality paper bag customized made mock-up

high quality customized shopping bags mock-up

foldable mailer box mock-up

customized shoe packaging box corrugated box mock-up

customized printed master carton packaging mock-up

top and bottom two pieces rigid box mock-up

specialty paper coated rigid box mockup

silver stamped drawer box mock-up

rigid box with silver stamping logo sleeve mock-up

customized magnetic closure rigid box mock-up

Customized hinged lid rigid gift box Mock-up

What's the next step to finish the packaging design?

Next Step for packaging design is print the paper packaging, with suitable printing machine and printing finish machine. Please check our Order FAQ for more support.

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