What Kinds of Box Styles Are Available?

After selecting the correct paper material, you need to choose the right paper box styles for your packaging.

Box packing solution offers a wide range of box styles for the customers, and each paper box style could be customized in length, width, and height. From Auto bottom box style, display box style, drawer box style, folding box style, gable top paper box style, the box with hang tab style, pillow box style, slotted carton box style, snap-lock bottom box style, tuck-end paper box style, hinged lid rigid box style, collapsible rigid box style to the unique box shape.

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Paper Box And Corrugated Box Perforation (Mailer Box Styles)

If you want to add a security system onto the packaging box to ensure the box not opened before it delivered, also it makes the customer more convenient to open the box. The perforation line is your choice.

It is a die-cut line onto the boxes and opens from the cutting area. You need to add a sticker on the closure flaps to make s the boxes closed before sending out.

Corrugated box with perforation line open

Corrugated box with perforation line open

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