Why To Use Box with Hang Tab?

The box with the hang tab has become necessary for every product due to its manufacturing style and beautiful printed design.

Hang tab display boxes are widely used for retail products. Box with hang tab can hang your products on a hinge in-store or any shopping mall. To make your product to be more prominent and visible as compared to your competitors.

Without box style introduction, you will have a various bottom selection for the box. Meanwhile, if you have the printing method in mind, please check our printing method guidance to select the printing color.

Hang Tab Box For Retail Products Packaging

hang tab boxes for retail products

Boxes With Hang Tab for retail products

Find Videos of Hang Tab Box

To let You have a better understanding of our works & ability in hang tab box, our marketing team, has prepared some featured videos of the hang tab box. From the videos below, You will see printing, printing finish, box material, and detailed information. If You like, give a “like” or comment.

What Is Hang Tab For The Paper Box?

Paper hang tab is a die-cutting area added to the top of the box to make the box able to be hanged onto the shelf, display box, or even on the wall. The cutting area could be a triangle shape, round shape, heart shape, or unique shape being customize designed.

When you are going to the supermarket, it’s easy to see some earphone packaging boxes, battery boxes, phone case packaging boxes, underwear packaging, diamond packaging, gift packaging, and so on. If you add a plastic window on the box, then the customer will see products directly instead of opening the package.

normal hang tab for paper box
triangle hang tab for paper box
round hang tab for paper box
custom hang tab for paper box

Guidance To Choose Your Suitable Hang Tab For Box

  1. For thin paper material, like kraft paper, virgin paper and specialty paper, to cut the hang tab on the box directly is your best choice. If you are willing to add some feature on your packaging box, a joint plastic hang tab (base and body glued together) should be your consider range.
  2. For thick material, at this moment, refer to corrugated fiberboard, you need to choose a separate hang tab base and body. Firstly install the base onto, after closing the box, stick the hang tab body onto. In this way, your rigid box with high weight will be good taken care of by hang tab system.
  3. Moreover, box packing solution team are positive to give you more packaging solution, show us your products and give out the weight information, you will get a nice suggestion soon. Please feel free to contact us at marketing@shpkg.com

Customized Hang Tab Boxes Mock-up Service

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