What Are Cardboard Display Boxes

Shanghai Box Packing Solution team is a China leading cardboard display box supplier. Display box, with the same meaning as the display shelf, PDQ, paper display stand, and corrugated displays.

These boxes are rather big stuff which is widely used in supermarkets. With beautiful printing and a durable body, more and more suppliers would like to apply them to show their products. It would give much help on product promotion.

Display Boxes are one of the useful packaging boxes to display any of your products directly to the customer. These boxes are the best idea to showcase your product in an associated style. Most people like them because these boxes look decent and impressive to display different goods.

The trade shows, supermarkets malls, shops of every kind have these boxes, as they are beneficial to exhibit their products. The display boxes are not only for display but also to protect your products. With these boxes, you can protect your products from dust and any kind of damage. They also come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can choose any color, size, and shape according to your need.

From our experience, we have offer customers with display boxes for cosmetic products, tire, food, beverage, electronic products, game kits, bottles, and gift boxes. We produce a wide variety of display boxes to our customers with customized sizes, designs, and styles. We always try to give the best quality display boxes to our clients.

Want to see some videos of our custom corrugated displays? We have an article that shows each single one item with a video show.

Cardboard Display Box Category

Countertop displays are a great way to showcase products in a retail setting. They are designed to sit on top of a counter or tabletop and can be used to display a wide range of products, from small trinkets and accessories to larger items like books or electronics. Countertop displays come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing you to choose the perfect display to match your product and branding. Whether you need a simple wire rack or a custom-designed display, there is a countertop display solution that can meet your needs.

Simple Counter display box

MODEL: PDQ001. The unique shape of the AD head makes the display stand eye-catching.

Counter Display with Divider

MODEL: PDQ002. Two partition display counter box, white body with printed head and front.

Two Tiers Counter Display Box

MODEL: PDQ003. Strong body, add foam fabric to the structure, the display counter will be excellent.

Cardboard floor stands are perfect for displaying products in retail stores. They are free-standing displays that can be placed on the floor and can hold a variety of products. These stands are sturdy, yet lightweight and can be easily moved around as needed. They are perfect for showcasing products such as magazines, books, snacks, toys, and many other items. The stands can be customized with graphics, logos, and product information to attract customers and increase sales. They are also environmentally friendly, as they are made from recyclable materials.

Display Stands with Floors

MODEL: PDQ004. Elegantly designed display stand box for the supermarket, size could be 1000*1000*8000mm max.

Four Floors Cardboard Display Box

MODEL: PDQ005. Designed and produced by wine bottle real sample to ensure the bottle can be displayed well on the floor.

Cardboard Floor Display Stands

MODEL: PDQ006. Light green printed display box, inside and outside with spot pigment.

A cardboard hook display is an excellent point-of-sale marketing tool that can be used to display small items such as toys, cosmetics, stationery, and more. These displays feature hooks that can hold packaged products and are typically placed near the checkout counter or in high-traffic areas to encourage impulse purchases. Cardboard hook displays are lightweight, easy to assemble, and can be customized to suit your branding needs. They are an affordable and effective way to showcase your products and increase sales.

Display Stands with Hanger

MODEL: PDQ007. Together with the hang tab box, it will be an excellent solution for retail packaging.

Four Floors Display Stands Box

MODEL: PDQ008. Display box for stationery, with hang couple installed into the cardboard.

Paper Display Stands with Floors

MODEL: PDQ009. Pink printed display stands, with a reinforced base, can bear heavyweight.

Cardboard display boxes with dividers are a popular packaging solution for various products such as cosmetics, electronics, jewelry, and more. These boxes have internal dividers that can be customized according to the product’s size and shape. The dividers create compartments inside the box, which prevent the products from moving around during transit and display.

Cardboard display boxes with dividers are an excellent choice for showcasing multiple items while keeping them organized and secure. They are lightweight, eco-friendly, and cost-effective compared to other packaging options. Additionally, these boxes can be printed with high-quality graphics and branding, making them an effective marketing tool for your products.

Display Stands with Dividers

MODEL: PDQ010. Triple-layer corrugated fiberboard as the box material, it is high quality, pallet retail displays.

Paper Display Boxes with Inserts

MODEL: PDQ011. The bottom is a box to pack stock products, and the upper is a display box to display on-sale products.

Paper Displays with Dividers

MODEL: PDQ012. Matt black paper material, two colors Flexo printed AD head.

Cardboard pallet displays are an excellent choice for presenting your products in a visually appealing and organized manner. These displays are designed to be placed directly onto a pallet, making it easy to transport and distribute large quantities of products.

Our cardboard pallet displays are made of high-quality materials, ensuring that they are sturdy and durable enough to hold heavy products without collapsing. They can also be customized to include dividers, shelves, or compartments to separate and organize different products.

Whether you’re displaying beverages, electronics, or any other type of product, our cardboard pallet displays can help you make a strong visual impact and increase sales.

Custom Cardboard Pallet Display Racks

MODEL: PDQ013. Custom cardboard pallet display racks, cube shape, Pantone unique color printed.

Custom Cardboard Pallet Displays

MODEL: PDQ014. Custom cardboard pallet displays, high display stands, an individual partition for product sales promotion.

A cardboard trolley is a type of display that is used for transporting goods from one place to another. It is made of a durable cardboard material that is strong enough to hold a significant amount of weight. The trolley can be used for moving products within a store or for transporting products to and from trade shows or exhibitions. The cardboard trolley is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic or metal trolleys, as it can be recycled after use. Additionally, the trolley can be custom designed to fit the specific needs of the product it is carrying, with options for size, shape, and branding.

Custom Cardboard Trolley

MODEL: PDQ015. Customized cardboard trolley boxes, with unique color printing and wheel, you are more comfortable to collect samples from the market, show, or any other party.

Cardboard dump bins are a type of cardboard display that is designed to hold and showcase products in a way that is easily accessible for customers. They are typically placed in high-traffic areas of retail stores, such as near checkout counters or in front of promotional displays, and are often used to promote sales or clearance items.

Dump bins are designed with an open top and a sloping front, allowing customers to easily see and reach the products inside. They are also collapsible, which makes them easy to transport and store when not in use. The bins are usually made from sturdy corrugated cardboard and can be customized with branding, graphics, and messaging to help attract attention and drive sales.

Personalized Cardboard Dump Bins

MODEL: PDQ016. Big-scale printing and body, customized print accepted.

Display Box Show Video

As a leading China display shelf supplier, we have made several videos for our customers, please check our official site on YouTube and check more customized display boxes there.

Die-Cut Design | Paper Material | Printing And Printing Finish | Packing For Display Boxes

Below are some design examples created by the Box Packing Solution team. We have three professional designers dedicated solely to cardboard display boxes. This means that we are experienced and efficient enough to handle your unique and urgent requests.

Die-Cut Design For Cardboard Display Box

Die-Cut Design For Cardboard Display Box

Except for small counter box displays that can be made with rigid card stock, such as virgin paperboard or rigid kraft paper stock, other types of displays require at least a single layer of corrugated fiberboard. In fact, display boxes not only need to pack products, but also to showcase them. As a result, they require double-layered corrugated fiberboard. Typically, these layers are B flute and BE corrugated flute layers to meet quality standards.

B Flute Corrugated Fiberboard For Display Box

Single wall B flute corrugated fiberboard for the display box.

Double Wall BE Flute Corrugated Fiberboard For The Display Box

Double-wall BE flute corrugated fiberboard for the display box.

Artwork Graphics For Display Boxes

Artwork Graphics For Display Boxes

No matter whether you choose rigid paperboard or corrugated fiberboard for your display box, they can be printed using either the flexo printing or offset printing method. However, we strongly suggest offset printing as it adds value to your products and gives them an eye-catching feel. As for the printing finish, we always recommend full-size glossy lamination or soft-touch matt lamination. Some customers may opt for Spot UV on the logo or hot foil stamping on the logo. Regardless, we are always open to your suggestions and feedback.

If you choose a small box display, we will pack it with kraft paper in a bundle or corrugated fiberboard. However, if you choose a larger display box mode, we will pack it in a single master carton. Since most display boxes contain several parts, it is more convenient to store and sort them out when we pack them in individual master cartons.

Customer Case

Featured clients products show

Under permission from our customers, we release some pictures from our works, just for a reference to our ability in custom corrugated display boxes/counter displays/POP display stands.

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