Understand About The Cardboard Mailer Box

As a Professional and reliable cardboard mailer box supplier, Shanghai Box Packing Solution team made more than 1,000 kinds of foldable corrugated boxes in the past.

Cardboard mailer box (Roll End Tuck Front Box), also named as a one-piece box and folding aircraft box. From the structure, this kind box can be set-up without glue and tape. It is very convenient meanwhile rigid enough for shipping and retail as a stable structure.

3D model created for cardboard mailer box
Die-line template for a cardboard mailer box
The substructure of a mailer paper box

Folding box, nowadays, it is quite an attractive packaging for gift and shipping. Whenever and wherever you go out, you can see the foldable packaging box. This way would be proper proof for folding box usage.

By the way, foldable packaging box material would be corrugated fiberboard, kraft paper, ivory board, etc. Together with flexo printing or offset printing, it would give you much help to your business flourish. For any interest, please feel free to contact us.

Shanghai Box Packing Solution Team, each one in a box packing solution, will do best to meet your needs. Moreover, we have been in printing and packaging for over 40 years, and it is much confident we do have the confidence to do each project thoroughly.

Find Videos of The Corrugated Mailer Box

To let You have a better understanding of our works & ability in a cardboard mailer box, our marketing team has prepared some featured videos of cardboard mailer box. From the below videos, You will see printing, printing finish, box material, and detailed information. If You like, give a ?like? or comment.

Customer Case of Custom Mailer Box

Material Applied For Cardboard Mailer Box

  1. Corrugated fiberboard?(combine with offset/flexo printing)
  2. Kraft paper card stock
  3. Virgin paperboard
The Most Basic Roll End Tuck Front-Box
Dieline for Roll End Tuck Front-Box

Good Point of Custom Mailer Box Style

  1. Fast folding and unfolding process
  2. No need glue or tape to close
  3. Two layers paper to support the box to be strong
  4. Flat in shipping and storage
  5. Fast production lead time.
Corrugated folding box with inserts
Corrugated folding mailer boxes

Advice For Using Cardboard Mailer Box Style

As the most popular box shape in Shanghai box packing solution team, this structure has been expanded for more than 20 sub-structures, before you place an order with us, we would like to give you the most?suitable structure?for this folding box.

mailer box structures

Free Cardboard Mailer Box Template Design

Since the folding box is wide-range used, a lot of designers ask us to send a template to them, so we are generous to release all the possible folding box template designs for free to anyone!

Mailer box Template One
Mailer box Template Two
roll end tuck top box template
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