What Are Collapsible Rigid Boxes | Foldable Rigid Boxes?

Shanghai Box Packing Solution Team is a reliable and professional supplier based in China, specializing in manufacturing Collapsible Rigid Boxes.

We have extensive experience in producing these boxes which differ from other rigid cardboard gift boxes due to their foldable feature, making them ideal for flat shipping.

This type of gift box has a relatively shorter history than other rigid boxes but has gained popularity among customers who struggle with storing their boxes.

The collapsible rigid boxes are made of duplex board or grey board, coated with high-quality art or specialty paperboard, making them perfect for luxury and high-end gift items. These boxes can be displayed on the shelves, showcasing the products in a unique way.

Unfolded collapsible rigid gift box

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Customized Collapsible Gift Box | Foldable Rigid Box

The customizability of these boxes is another reason why they are preferred by many businesses. Here are some of the customization options available for collapsible rigid boxes:

  1. Custom printing: One of the most popular customization options for collapsible rigid boxes is custom printing. You can print your brand logo, product information, or any other graphics on the box inside and outside, including the lid, base, and sides of the box. This is a great way to increase brand visibility and create a unique packaging design that sets your products apart from competitors.
  2. Custom sizes: Another advantage of collapsible rigid boxes is that they can be custom-made to fit your specific products. Whether you need a small box for a delicate item or a larger box for bulkier products, you can have your boxes made to your exact specifications.
  3. Custom inserts: Inserts are used to hold products securely in place inside the box and prevent them from moving around during transit. Collapsible rigid boxes can be customized with different types of inserts, such as foam, cardboard, blister, velvet, and more, to provide extra protection and support to your products.
  4. Printing coatings: In addition to custom printing, you can also add different printing coatings to the box to give it a unique look and feel. Some of the printing coatings available include UV, embossing, debossing, foil stamping, lamination, varnish, anti-scratch, and soft-touch. These coatings not only add visual appeal to the box but also provide added protection against scratches, fading, and other damage.
  5. Kitting: Some manufacturers offer kitting services for collapsible rigid boxes. This means that they can pack your products into the custom boxes, shrink wrap them, and ship them directly to you. This is especially useful for businesses that do not have the time or resources to pack their products themselves. Monthly stock options are also available, making it easy for you to keep your packaging supplies stocked and ready for your products.

In conclusion, the customizability of collapsible rigid boxes makes them an excellent choice for businesses looking for a unique, durable, and stylish packaging solution. With options for custom printing, custom sizes, custom inserts, printing coatings, and kitting, there is no limit to what you can do with your packaging design. Contact us to learn more about these options and how they can benefit your business.

Customer Cases of Custom Foldable Rigid Gift Boxes

Design For Collapsible Rigid Boxes

Box packing solution team offers a free die-cut template for all customers to download. If you need the help of lay up your artwork, please email us. Our professional designer will layout the design for you very soon.

Before starting the design process, it is essential to provide us with the height of the box so that we can determine where to apply the glue and where to create holes for magnets or handles.

If you are interested in a customized collapsible rigid box made from sustainable materials, we are happy to work with you to find an eco-friendly solution.

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