Custom Magnetic Closure Box Style

What Is A Hinged Lid Rigid Box?

Hinged Lid Rigid Boxes, also known as book shape boxes or rigid setup boxes, are named after their resemblance to a book, as they can be opened and closed like one.

At our company, we always make these boxes with a magnet closure, ribbon closure, or sticker closure. This box style includes rigid clamshell boxes, magnetic closure boxes, and half-covered hinged lid boxes. The lid is hinged, allowing it to fully cover the base, and with the closure, this box style can be even more rigid than expected!

Find Videos of Cardboard Rigid Hinged Lid Box

To let You have a better understanding of our works & ability in cardboard rigid hinged lid box, our marketing team has prepared some featured videos of cardboard rigid hinged lid box. From the below videos, You will see printing, printing finish, box material, and detailed information. If You like, give a “like” or comment.

If you want to learn one of the box structures, please click here.

Gain More Details About It!

Click the trigger box and check what options we have for you, and what kinds of boxes we made in the past.

  1. Fast opening and closing
  2. Inside display board
  3. Three-pieces box, more durable.
  4. Looks like a gift box

As Hinged Lid Rigid Boxes are a type of gift box, we can use duplex board and high-density board that is coated with art paper or specialty paper. With colorful printing and a high-quality printing finish, the box will look fancy and of high quality! Our box packing solution team has promoted this book shape box for many years and has successfully introduced it to many customers. We are happy to share this box style with our potential customers. We have also calculated that 15% of our export orders are Hinged Lid Gift Boxes, which shows how popular and useful this box style can be.

If you are looking for FSC certificated cardboard hinged lid box (magnetic closure box), feel free to contact us!

Would you like to see some customized GIFs of rigid hinged lid boxes instead of just looking at pictures? We have them available for you to check out here. If you are interested in browsing more models of custom paper packaging, please click here.

Animated custom rigid hinged lid box 2

Animated custom rigid hinged lid box 2

Animated custom rigid hinged lid box 1

Animated custom rigid hinged lid box 1

You can visit the download page to download our FREE TEMPLATE for your box designing.

hinged lid rigid boxes dieline For High Heel

Shoe gift packaging box with magnet closure. Box die-line template for hinged lid rigid boxes.

Before ordering, we are able to send you a mock-up design, and check the details for shape, printing effect, and more. We cover and care for your needs from initial to forever. Below are some Customized Hinged Lid Rigid Box Mock-up designs made by us:

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