What is Tuck End Box?

The Tuck End box is a paper box with two sides of tucked flaps, making it the most convenient fold style. The closure flaps can be located on the top and bottom in the same or opposite direction, with the base folding in front and the top panel folding in the rear. The box can be assembled either by hand or machine.

There are two types of Tuck End boxes based on the direction of the two side flaps: Reverse Tuck End box (RTE) and Straight Tuck End box (STE).

With E flute corrugated fiberboard or kraft paper, it has an excellent performance in thickness and strong ability. Meanwhile, the folding process will be straightforward.

Also, for a medical box, cosmetic box, and other small product packaging, some customers will choose white virgin paperboard.

Find Videos of Tuck-End Box

To help you better understand our work and our ability to create tuck end boxes, our marketing team has prepared some featured videos of tuck end boxes. In the videos below, you will see the printing process, printing finishes, box materials, and detailed information. If you like the videos, feel free to give them a “like” or leave a comment.

Reverse Tuck-End Box (RTE)

Two extended side closure flaps on the opposite side of the box make it more cost-effective than the STE (straight tuck-end box) since a single printing or die-cutting mold can be used to arrange more units due to its unique structure.

The RTE box also has a wide range of applications in the packaging industry. Some common uses for RTE boxes include packaging for small electronic devices such as headphones or chargers, cosmetic and beauty products, food packaging, and small household items such as screws and bolts.

Additionally, RTE boxes are often used for subscription box services or as gift boxes due to their customizable design options.

Straight Tuck-End Box (STE)

Different from RTE (reverse tuck end box), the STE box has two side closure flaps on the same panel side.

Even though it has a slightly higher cost than RTE, many people prefer this box style as it appears more regular.

Based on our experience, the STE box has been used for various purposes, such as vitamin packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, candy packaging, perfume box packaging, soapbox packing, and candle packaging.

More Sample Pictures For RTE And STE Box

Customized Tuck ends Box Mock-up Service.

Before placing an order, we can provide you with a mock-up (digital rendering) design to check the details such as shape, printing effect, and more. We are committed to covering and caring for your needs from the beginning to the end. Below are some customized Tuck End Box mock-up designs made by us:

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