Various Foam Inserts In Rigid Gift Boxes

Packaging boxes are customizable, with a wide variety of shapes, colors, and thicknesses, and the same goes for box foam inserts, which come in various types. Based on the material, they are classified into EVA, EPE, XPE, and Blister. Shanghai Box Packing Solution Team is a professional and reliable supplier of rigid boxes in China, and we offer custom-made box inserts for rigid cardboard boxes.

EVA Insert

High-density foam, also known as Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), is a polymer made from ethylene and vinyl acetate. The percentage of vinyl acetate in EVA foam typically ranges from 10 to 40 percent, with the remainder being ethylene.

EVA foam inserts are typically light grey in color, but if this color is not suitable, the Box Packing Solution team can laminate velvet or printed paper onto the EVA to improve its appearance.

EVA Foam
EVA Foam Insert Packaging Box
EVA Insert Into The Printed Box

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EPE Insert

Medium-density foam, also known as Expanded Polyethylene Foam, is a popular box foam insert that is widely used in box packaging and as a buffer material. It is a molded semi-rigid, non-cross-linked, and closed-cell type of polyethylene foam that offers a near-infinite number of applications due to its non-abrasive characteristics.

EPE insert colors can be white or black pigmented (commonly used in gift boxes), or any other custom color.

EPE Box Insert
EPE Foam Laminates With Printed Paper
Rigid Gift Box With EPE Insert
Various Colourful EPE Sheet
EPE Yoga Mat

XPE Insert

Low-density foam, also known as Cross-linked polyethylene, is a highly versatile composite material that features independent, smart, and rigid pores, a smooth surface, and excellent elasticity. Additionally, it boasts high mechanical intensity, intelligent heat insulation, good waterproofing, and resistance to aging, heat, chemical corrosion, and various environmental factors.

XPE colors are varied, but always be white and black as EPE.

XPE Foam Coated With Paper
XPE Foam Insert

Blister Material

Blister packaging, also known as thermo-formed or vacuum-formed packaging, is a production method where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, shaped to a specific shape in a mold, and then cut to make a usable product.

Compared to EVA, EPE, and XPE box inserts, blister packaging is more rigid and expensive. However, it provides a high-quality look for customers and is often used for digital devices such as earphones, small products that need to be displayed, phone cases, and phone accessories.

Black Blister Insert
Tooling Insert Blister Material
Six Pack Blister Tray For Cake
PET Tray For Bottles
Egg Blister Packaging Box
Blister Packaging Tray

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