What Is Paper Pulp Insert?

The Paper pulp insert is also called the molded pulp. From the name, you can quickly get to know that the material is pulp. After newspaper and paper packaging is recycled, the pulp needs to be transferred to the paper material or directly used- molded pulp.

The advantage of paper pulp inserts is low costs with good environmental effect. Some customers may ask if the pulp insert can be re-used. Our answer is no. Since the pulp is made from wood directly, once it is used and touched the air, the element inside will change a lot. It may become weak, and color changed, which is not suitable for your packagings.

The mold of pulp insert can be finished in 7 days, not like cardboard inserts in 2 days, as it’s more complicated than that. It’s important to make suitable pulp insert size to fit the boxes, as pulp mold not accurate. It’s an iron plate. But how to make the exact size of mold? We have solutions, will let you know if you are interested in.

Paper Pulp Insert
Paper Pulp Insert For Led Bulb
Paper Pulp Insert For Electronic Products
White Color Pulp Insert
Paper Pulp Egg Tray
Paper Pulp Egg Tray

Ask For A Demonstration Of The Paper Pulp Insert

With the Box Packing Solution team, the molded pulp is always being used in egg packing box insert, led bulb box insert, and lunch plate. However, the market is so big, and we could not list every pulp insert in this article and keep it updated. We are sure to make a full report to you regarding your products, as long as you are interested in sending an email to us.

Our demonstration can be PDF file, JPG file, videos, or even live on air! Our working time is 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Feel free to ask for a demonstration!