Description of Cardboard Inserts

The Cardboard Insert is widely used in packaging boxes for razors, calculators, perfumes, and more. The Box Packing Solution team supplies various custom inserts to meet different customer requirements. These inserts are eco-friendly and easy to fold up.

The insert should be balanced with the outer box and have customized printing. We suggest using corrugated fiberboard material or rigid cardstock for the inserts. It is essential to make the inserts accurately sized for the boxes. Before samples are made, we will create a mock-up in the system for double-checking.

Recently, we have been applying corrugated material inserts to wine packaging boxes to prevent scratches between the bottles and labels. We have included some pictures below for your reference. If you are interested, please send your requirements to us, and we will create custom-printed and folded box inserts for you.

The Benefit of Using The Cardboard Insert

  1. Protection: A cardboard insert can protect your product from damage during transportation and handling. It can also prevent the products from shifting and colliding with each other inside the box, which can cause scratches, dents, or even breakage.

  2. Organization: A cardboard insert can help organize your products and keep them in place inside the box. This is particularly useful for products with multiple components or different sizes, as it can prevent confusion and simplify the unpacking process.

  3. Customization: A cardboard insert can be customized to fit your specific product requirements. It can be designed to hold different sizes and shapes of products, and can be printed with your company’s branding, logo, or product information.

  4. Sustainability: Cardboard is a recyclable and biodegradable material, which makes it an eco-friendly choice for packaging. Using a cardboard insert can help reduce the amount of plastic or foam packaging materials needed to protect your product, which can reduce your company’s environmental impact.

Overall, using a cardboard insert can improve the presentation, protection, and functionality of your product packaging. It can also enhance your brand image by showcasing your company’s commitment to sustainability and product quality.

Corrugated Cardboard Insert
Offset Printed Cardboard Inserts Dividers

Cardboard Insert Compared To The Foam Insert





Cardboard inserts are generally less expensive than foam inserts due to the lower cost of materials and manufacturing processes.

Cardboard inserts are made from recycled materials and can be recycled again, making them a more eco-friendly option compared to foam inserts which are not biodegradable.

Cardboard inserts can be customized to fit the specific dimensions and shape of the product, and can also be printed on for branding purposes.

Cardboard inserts can be used for a variety of products and are versatile in their ability to be cut and shaped to fit various packaging designs.

Foam inserts are typically more expensive than cardboard inserts due to the higher cost of materials and manufacturing processes.

Foam inserts are not eco-friendly and are not easily recyclable, making them a less sustainable option compared to cardboard inserts.

Foam inserts can be customized to fit the specific dimensions and shape of the product, but may require more complex manufacturing processes and may have limitations in terms of printing and branding options.

Foam inserts can be used for a variety of products and are versatile in their ability to provide cushioning and protection, but may not be as adaptable to different packaging designs as cardboard inserts.

Cardboard Insert Category

  • Unprinted cardboard insert. Always be brown color or white color cardboard, with simple die-cut, folded to fit the products and the paper box.
  • Printed cardboard insert. Ivory board, corrugated Fiberboard, or specialty paperboard is always a good selection. Print them with your requested artwork or excellent Printing & Finishing.
Custom Printed Cardboard Insert

We could offer you cardboard insert applied in beer bottle packaging box, chocolate box, food box, cosmetic product packaging box, game box packaging, and Fruit | Vegetable Box Packaging with the Box packing solution team.

We are enough to insert design for your choice, and please try our free die-cut design.

Customer Case of Cardboard Insert

The cardboard insert is used in not only shipping cartons but also luxury rigid cardboard gift boxes! Need any Eco-friendly green cardboard material? Feel free to let us know. We are FSC certified cardboard box manufacturer.

Spray Trigger Packaging Box Insert
Custom Printed CBD Bottle Packaging Box With Laminated Paper Insert
Chocolate Packaging Box With Cardboard Insert
Smart Watch Packaging Box With Cardboard Insert
Yarn Packaging Box With Cardboard Dividers For Pillow Boxes
Cardboard Insert For Plant Packaging Box

Video of Cardboard Box Insert

Below is a video showcasing a cardboard insert made by us. The insert is used to pack an electric device and keeps it in place while also providing balance to the overall package.

If you would like to see more demonstrations of our box inserts, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email. One of our sales representatives will reach out to you promptly. We have around 5,000 samples in our display rooms, and we can provide an actual example to show you.