Handles For Paper Packaging

It’s essential to add a handle to the package if you need a packaging box or shopping bag to have a carrier function. The different material handle mixed with other cardboard material creates so many new packages.

Shanghai Box packing solution team offers three main handles, and they are paper handle, plastic handle, nylon handle, and PP leather handle.

Paper Handles

Paper handle made from paper material, mostly used for paper bags. Handles always be white color, accept customized color printing if the order quantity over 30,000 pieces.
The advantage of the paper handle is eco-friendly and recyclable, light, and fashion.

Paper Handle For Shopping Bag
Colorful Paper Handles For Paper Bag
Paper Bag With Paper Made Handle

Plastic Handle

Plastic handles mostly applied in the corrugated box and paper box, as made by the iron injection mold; they have thousands of shapes. We only introduce some basic form: oval plastic handle, body-based plastic handle, and a plastic handle with the screw. Have been applied in electronic products paper box, lightweight gift box, and Kraft paper box.

All Kinds Of Luggage Handle
Solid Plastic Handle
Corrugated Paper Packaging Box With Plastic Handle

Nylon Handle

Nylon handle made from nylon is used for a small corrugated gift box, paper carry bag, and box shape bag.

Colorful Nylon Handles For Boxes And Bags
Offset Printed Gift Box With Nylon Handle
Golden Nylon Handle For Paper Bags

PP Leather Handle

PP leather handle can bear the most substantial weight among those handles, as it’s made from plastic with leather, very durable, and flexible. Inbox packing solution team, we have applied them to heavy-duty wine boxes, luxury wine gift boxes, and the rigid cardboard box.

Yellow PP Leather Handle For Wine Box
Black Leather Handle With Customized Logo
Heavy Duty Luxury Wine Box With Leather Handle

Oval Plastic Handle

From the name, you will know this kind of handle is an Oval shape, mostly used for corrugated box sides carry. Being installed into the hole and ready for taking out, it’s cheap and useful. They are applied in a corrugated box, heavy-duty watermelon box, moving box, and storage box.

Plastic Oval Shape Handle
Moving Box With Plastic Oval Shape Handle

Silk Ribbon

All silk ribbon or band can be custom printed per your requests.

Printed Silk Ribbon Band
Paper Bag With Silk Ribbon

Handle For Paper Package Design

It’s essential to give us the layout of the handle before they go to mass production, as we need to make a proper size for it. Don’t know how to measure it? Please feel free to contact with box packing solution team, and we will give you guidance for it.