Description of Kraft Paper and Boxes

Kraft paper, also known as Kraft board, is a versatile material that is widely used in the packaging industry. It is made from chemical wood pulp and comes in a range of grades, including normal Kraft and high-strength Kraft. Kraft paper can be either brown or white, depending on whether it has been bleached.

In the Chinese market, Kraft paper is available in both domestic and imported varieties, with imported Kraft coming mainly from the USA, Netherlands, and Russia. Domestic Kraft paper is produced in Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Guangdong and is available in a range of qualities from 150gsm to 330gsm. Imported Kraft paper is typically stronger but also more expensive, while domestic Kraft can meet most packaging needs. For heavier weights of 250gsm or more, Kraft paper is commonly referred to as Kraft board or paper stock.

Brown Kraft Paper Material Sheet
High Strength Kraft Sheet

Kraft Paper Specification

  1. Basis Weight: The basis weight of kraft paper varies from 17 GSM to 430 GSM.

  2. Color: Kraft paper is typically brown in color, but it can be bleached or dyed to achieve different colors.

  3. Finish: Kraft paper has a natural finish that gives it a rustic and organic look.

  4. Strength: Kraft paper is known for its high tensile strength, tear resistance, and durability.

  5. Recyclability: Kraft paper is made from natural wood fibers, making it biodegradable and recyclable.

  6. Applications: Kraft paper is widely used in the packaging industry for making bags, boxes, envelopes, and wrapping paper. It is also used in the construction industry for making building materials such as roofing felt and insulation.

  7. Coatings: Kraft paper can be coated with various substances such as wax, polyethylene, and silicone to improve its water resistance, heat resistance, and barrier properties.

Overall, kraft paper is a versatile and eco-friendly paper that is suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries.

Application of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a versatile material that can be used for a wide range of packaging and printing applications, as well as for stationery and office supplies. Its natural and eco-friendly appearance is particularly popular for brands that want to emphasize their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

At Shanghai BPS, we have extensive experience working with Kraft paper, also known as Kraft board. Our printing and finishing techniques for brown Kraft include flexo printing to give it an eco-friendly appearance, though some customers may request offset printing. We also accept plastic film lamination and varnishing. For white Kraft, we typically apply CMYK flexo printing, though it may not be as colorful as offset printing. We also accept lamination, varnishing, and hot foil stamping. Our expertise in working with Kraft paper has allowed us to create a variety of products, including but not limited to:

If you need any Kraft paper box made from FSC certified cardboard, feel free to contact us!

Brown Kraft Box With Flexo Printing For Soap
White Kraft Box With Offset Printing For Tobacco Pipe
Brown Kraft Paper Bag With Flexo Printing
White Kraft Bag with Offset Printing
Paper Tube Made From Kraft Paper
Paper Tube For Wine Made From Kraft Paper
Honeycomb Board Made From Kraft Paper
Honeycomb Pallets Made From Kraft Paper

When To Use Kraft Paper Boxes

Shanghai Box Packing Solution Team is a trusted and experienced supplier of custom Kraft paper boxes in China. Our Kraft paper boxes are made of high-strength Kraft paperboard, known for its excellent durability and resilience.

Kraft paper packaging is ideal for products that require high-strength packaging solutions. Our Kraft paper boxes and bags are 100% eco-friendly and recyclable, making them a popular choice for food packaging. Whether you need to pack nuts, sandwiches, salad, or scented tea bags, our Kraft paper packaging solutions are safe and reliable.

The natural color of Kraft paper is brown on both sides, but we can apply various printing methods, such as flexo printing and offset printing, to add branding and visual appeal to your products.

200gsm Brown Kraft Material, Rte Box Style. Packaging For Tea

The Advantages of Kraft Paperboard Box Packaging

When it comes to packaging, Kraft paperboard boxes offer numerous advantages. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Eco-Friendly: Kraft paperboard is made from recyclable materials and is 100% biodegradable, making it an environmentally responsible choice. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, the demand for eco-friendly packaging is on the rise.

  2. Cost-Effective: Kraft paperboard is a relatively inexpensive material compared to other types of paper packaging. It’s also easy and cost-effective to produce, making it a great solution for businesses with tight budgets.

  3. Retro Appeal: The brown color of Kraft paperboard packaging gives it a nostalgic, retro feel that appeals to many consumers. This type of packaging is particularly popular in the food and beverage industry.

  4. Durable and Protective: Kraft paperboard is known for its exceptional strength and durability, making it ideal for protecting goods during shipping and handling. It can withstand rough handling and long-term transportation, ensuring that products arrive at their destination in excellent condition.

  5. Customs-Friendly: Brown Kraft paperboard boxes are much easier to pass through customs inspections than other types of packaging. Customs officials typically don’t require additional testing or documentation for this type of packaging, which can save time and money on logistics and transportation costs.

Brown Kraft Paper Box With Flexo Printing For Soap
Offset Printed Box For Essential Sprayer
Offset Printed Kraft Paper Box

The most common style for Kraft paper boxes is the lift-off lid box and the slide-style box.

  1. Lift-off lid Kraft paper box, also known as a top and bottom box, consists of two parts: the top lid and the bottom base. This type of Kraft box is typically made with the same height for the lid and the base to double the compressive strength and bearing capacity of the box. This design provides excellent protection for the products inside.
  2. Slide style custom Kraft boxes, also called drawer boxes or slipcase boxes, also consist of two parts: the drawer and the slipcase. This style of Kraft box has a secure and sturdy structure and is easy to use since the drawer can be pulled out from both sides of the slipcase. The inner drawer offers excellent protection for the goods, while the slipcase can be printed to create an attractive decoration for the products.
Lift Off Lid Kraft Paper Box Customizable Size And Printing
Kraft Paper Made Rigid Cardboard Telescopic Gift Box With Gold Foil Stamping
Easy Foldable Slide Style Kraft Box Packaging
Kraft Paper Made Rigid Cardboard Drawer Box With Screen Printing

The Kraft Paperboard Food Packaging Container

Kraft paper is an ideal material for food packaging and wrap, as it is disposable, recyclable, and food-grade safe. Our kraft paper boxes are perfect for storing and transporting food, such as sandwiches and salads, and come with a clear window to display the contents inside. Whether you’re catering an event or simply organizing your kitchen, our kraft paper boxes are an excellent way to label and showcase your food. Your guests will appreciate the convenience of being able to choose the perfect meal from a clearly labeled and easy-to-identify box.

Salad Packing Kraft Paper Box With Oil Proof Liner
Raft Paper Packaging With Window For Sandwich

Kraft Paperboard For Wrapping Rigid Gift Boxes

Rigid kraft paper gift boxes are the perfect combination of strength and style. Made of 1200 gsm, 2mm thickness heavy-duty paperboard and covered with natural kraft paper, they provide a green and natural feel to the box. These gift boxes are not only eco-friendly but also strong enough to protect valuable gift items.

Our collapsible rigid kraft gift boxes are shipped in a flat condition to save on shipping costs and storage space. However, they are easy to assemble during use, making them an ideal solution for businesses and individuals.

We offer customization options for your branding and marketing needs. You can add your logo and printing artwork to the rigid kraft gift boxes, making them the perfect solution for your high-end products and valuable gift items. Choose our rigid kraft gift boxes for a stylish and practical packaging solution.

Collapsible Rigid Box Made From Kraft Paper Coating

A thick hinged lid Kraft paper box, single layer, to pack light products, always used for gifting.

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