Description of CCNB

CCNB is short for Clay Coated News Back (duplex paperboard), white clay on high and brown/grey back, is a type of coated paperboard that is commonly used in packaging and display applications. It is known for its high-quality printing surface and excellent printability, making it a popular choice for a wide range of packaging’s made up of 100% recycled fibers. With gsm range from 250-400 g/m2. You are referred for more information on Smurfit Kappa about CCNB technical details. CCNB paper made from 250gsm to 400gsm. However, the CCNB board (Greyboard) can be made from 900gsm to 1800gsm (1mm thick to 4mm thick). So you can easily see that, the paper board is called CCNB paper, and the thick board called CCNB paperboard or Greyboard. We have Greyback, White back, Black back, and colored back on sale.

We are FSC certified cardboard box manufacturer. All packaging boxes & items made by us are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Duplex Paperboard Fully Recyclable

CCNB Material

Whiteface duplex back, brightness 80%.

Clay Coated News Back Paperboard

CCNB Paper Material

Brightness 70%, used for simply printed paper boxes.

Customer Case & More Applications

Art paper is suitable for CMYK offset printing and Flexo printing. We can apply glossy and matte oil varnishing, as well as plastic film lamination, UV varnish, hot foil stamping, and embossing for CCNB finish after printing.

One of the most common applications for CCNB paper is in the production of folding cartons. The excellent printability of CCNB paper allows for high-quality graphics and text to be printed directly onto the surface of the paperboard. This makes it an ideal choice for packaging applications where branding and visual appeal are important, such as for consumer products like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food products.

Another application for CCNB paper is in the production of point-of-purchase (POP) displays. CCNB paper is often used to create displays that are designed to showcase products in a retail environment. Its smooth surface and high print quality allow for eye-catching graphics and branding to be printed directly onto the display, helping to draw customers’ attention to the product.

In addition to its applications in folding cartons and POP displays, CCNB paper can also be used for a variety of other packaging applications. It is commonly used for custom packaging and specialty boxes, as well as for product inserts and displays.

Overall, CCNB paper is an excellent choice for a wide range of packaging and display applications. Its superior print quality, smooth surface, and versatility make it an ideal choice for many different industries and product types.

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