Description of Corrugated Fiberboard

Corrugated Fiberboard also called corrugated board. The material of it is kraft paper or CCNB laminated with corrugated medium paper.
1. See from color. Corrugated Fiberboard range from brown kraft board, white kraft board to white CCNB laminated board.
2. See from thickness, Corrugated Fiberboard range from 1mm-13mm. Different thickness has a different flute code.
The corrugated board consists of one or two outer plies(in brown/white color), with 1-5 liner kraft paper and corrugated liner paper.

Single Face Of Corrugated Fiberboard

Single Face: One medium is glued to one flat sheet of liner board.

Single Wall Corrugated Fiberboard

Single Wall: The medium is between two sheets of liner board. Also known as Double Face.

Double Wall Corrugated Fiberboard

Double Wall: Three sheets of liner board with two mediums in between.

Triple Wall Corrugated Fiberboard

Triple Wall: Four sheets of liner board with three mediums in between.

Flute code available supply as below:

Flute Code Thickness Flute Code Thickness Flute Code Thickness
A flute 4 mm B flute 3 mm C flute 3.8 mm
E flute 2 mm F flute 1 mm AB flute 7 mm
BC flute 7.8 mm BE flute 5 mm EF flute 3 mm
ABB flute 10 mm AEF flute 7 mm BEF flute 6 mm

To conclude, the thicker corrugated Fiberboard it is, the more flexibility and buffer it is, but the less rigid quality. Vice Versa. Thicker cardboard is suitable for packing light products and a serious shipping environment. Thinner material was ideal for packing heavy products with a proper shipping environment. For a single layer, B flute is the most practical flute. BE flute for double layer and ABB flute for the triple-layer (single/double/triple layer also being called single/double/triple wall)

Box Packing Solution always apply corrugated Fiberboard in a corrugated box, packaging material, and paper box inserts. Moreover, we are FSC certified box manufacturer. We care about the environment more than just business!

Applications of Corrugated Fiberboard

Corrugated Fiberboard Made Floor Display Stands
Corrugated Fiberboard Made Display Box
Corrugated Fiberboard Made Counter Top Display Box
Corrugated Fiberboard Made Box For Clothes Shipping
Corrugated Fiberboard For Cigar Humidors
Corrugated Fiberboard Box For Cosmetic Industry
Corrugated Fiberboard In Corrugated Box
Corrugated Fiberboard Box For Apparel Shipping
Corrugated Fiberboard Made Shipping Carton
Corrugated Fiberboard Made Cardboard Stadium
Corrugated Fiberboard Box For Fresh Fruits
Corrugated Fiberboard Made Plants Model
Corrugated Fiberboard Made Paper Box Inserts
Corrugated Fiberboard Made Paper Box Dividers

Corrugated fiberboard also can be produced to cat scratch board, wine box, and cardboard padding material. We keep updated with the world, apply those excellent ideas and tech to our customer, shake hands with us, win value to your company!

Printing And Finishing Method

For brown Kraft board, we always apply flexo printing onto, and some customer may ask offset printing onto, to make it seems eco-friendly. If you need the boxes to be water-resistant and moisture resistant, Plastic film lamination and varnishing accepted.
For white Kraft corrugated fiberboard, we always apply CMYK flexo printing onto, but not that colorful as offset printing. Lamination/varnishing/hot foil stamping/accepted.
For the White CCNB laminated board, we always apply CMYK offset printing onto, unique Pantone color is also accepted. All print finishing accepted.

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