Description of Ivory Board

Ivory Board, also called Virgin Paper, Virgin Board. It made from 100% original tree pulp, not recycled material as CCNB (clay coated news back), Corrugated Fiberboard or Duplex Board, and Kraft paper. It is very pure white, brightness even higher than art paper, double side smoothly and soft to touch. Ivory board consists of half-dozen layers of paper adhered with glue or starch then ironed. It’s a translucent paper used for printing and engraving. GSM range from 210 to 400g/?, Thickness range from 0.27 to 0.55 millimeter.
Virgin board always be used for:

Moreover, if you are interested in FSC certified cardboard material, we can offer that material for you. We are an FSC certification approved packaging box vendor. We care about our “the only one planet” Please note if you want FSC certificated boxes, the order will be inspected by

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Applications of Ivory Board

Skincare Product Pacakging Box
Ivory Board Eyelash Packaging Box
Ivory Board Retail Pacakging Box For Cosmetics
Paper Handle Bag Made Of Ivory Board
Paper Bag Made Of Ivory Bag
Shopping Bag Made Of Ivory Paperboard
Virgin White Ivory Board Made Game Cards
Ivory Paperboard Made Printed Business Cards

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Ivory paper is widely used in cosmetic packaging, drug&chemical packaging, glass dropper packaging, CBD bottle packaging box, and so on. The ivory paper made box is gleaming and rich resilient.

For some customers, we also use the ivory paperboard to produce a corrugated box. By adding a piece of art paperboard onto the corrugated board sheet, the flute will not show on the box surface, which makes the box seems luxurious, smoothy, and thick. Shanghai SCP is a group of creative workers, we are committed to producing high-quality packaging boxes, paper bags, and printing works for you!

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