Printing & Printing Finish Options Available For You

Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., ltd offers many kinds of printing and printing finish service on the different paper boxes, paper bags, corrugated boxes, rigid cardboard gift boxes, paper bags, printing materials, and packaging materials.

We always apply offset printing on CCNB (Clay News Back Paper) or art paper to make rigid cardboard gift boxes, along with glossy varnish or matt varnish, glossy lamination or matt lamination, embossing or debossing, soft-touch film lamination or hot foil stamping, AQ coating or spot UV varnishing.

Offer flexo printing on Kraft corrugated fiberboard, along with varnishing or lamination. Print and printing finish is so essential for the packages. Your customer’s first impression is the printing and printing finish; let’s work together on this task!

Our Advanced Press

As a professional and reliable China paper packaging Manufacturer, we can print the paper boxes and paper bags on inside and outside both. Offset printing quality is ensured by the Heidelberg 4 color machine and six-color printing machine. A Chinese high-speed printing machine guarantees flexo printing quality. We need to check the quality before mass printing and sign a real sample as final printing quality.

The printing finish, it is also essential to check. What we do is to compare the artwork with an actual example under the sunshine and light machine, clearly checking each spot on it, and make sure we make the thing right for you.

Our goal is “to make each paper packaging printing, and printing finish checked at least three times before sending out to customers.”

For the printings, we strictly obey the printing management to get a real printing color and a recycled cardboard box, which is being FSC certified.

Litho Offset Printing

litho offset printing

Boxes with litho offset printing. The most popular print, always on white CCNB coated with corrugated fiberboard, rigid cardboard gift boxes, or paper bags. It makes the print as real as the truth, and your packaging should attract consumer’s attention.

Flexo Printing

flexo printed corrugated boxes

Flexo printed paper boxes. Economical printing way, water-based oil makes the printing seems eco-friendly, but the color not real as offset print. It is always being applied to Kraft paper or corrugated board, no need to add more finishes.

Glossy Lamination

glossy laminated paper bags

Glossy laminated paper bags. It also called glossy plastic lamination, adds a glossy effect on the printing, protects the oil from scratched and distortion, and makes it water-resistant. It is always combined with litho offset printing.

Matt Lamination

matt plastic laminated paper manual

Matt plastic laminated paper manual. Short for Matt plastic lamination, add a matt feel on the printing work, seems luxury and high quality, make the printing work away from water, and add protection on the printing, keep the paints last longer.

Glossy Varnishing

high glossy varnished paper

Glossy varnished paper. Similar to glossy lamination, it is to paste up water-based oil onto the printing work. The function is to protect the printing work away from sunshine, also makes it shiny from the light or sunshine. If you need it water resistance, you may need to consider waterproof oil varnish.

Matt Varnishing

matt varnished paper

Matt varnished paper. Contrary to glossy varnishing, the matt varnishing makes the printing work seem matt, add a luxury feeling onto, and make it away from faded in a long time. Matt finish is a little expensive than glossy finish generally, but it really deserved, we strongly recommend it!

Hot Foil Stamping

gold foil stamping cardboard box

Gold foil stamped business card. Hot foil stamping includes gold foil stamping, silver foil stamping, or metallic color foil stamping. Always be applied to the logo brand, texts, and graphics. The stamped area, a little embossed, has a clear touch feeling. We also supply painted edge business cards.

UV Varnishing

UV varnishing on paper

UV varnishing on paper. UV varnishing also called AQ coating, is a water-based oil onto the printing surface. Including spot UV varnishing, full over varnishing. The varnished area seems glossy and transparent, and a real touch feeling, always be applied to paper boxes, corrugated boxes, and paper bags.


embossed finish on paperboard

Embossed paper. Embossing is easy. Just make the particular area emboss pattern. They are always used for rigid cardboard gift boxes and corrugated boxes, combined with offset printing and plastic lamination.


debossing on paperboard

Debossing on paper. Debossing is to make the printing surface deboss pattern, always be applied to the paper folder and printing materials. Combined with oil varnishing in the printing area, a little higher cost than embossing as the mold is unique.


water resistant oil varnish

Water-resistant oil varnish cardboard. It is a functional oil varnish, without any special appearance onto the printing but only protects it away from little water and moisture. It is popular with fruit packaging boxes, vegetable packaging boxes, and digital device packaging.

Wax Coated

wax coated sea food packaging box

The wax-coated seafood packaging box is widely used on the fruit packaging box, seafood packaging box, and vegetable packaging box. It has two types: deep waxed box and surface waxed box. Deep waxed means the corrugated liner also being wax coated. The surface waxed box means only the outside of the box being wax coated.