Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd is a professional and reliable manufacturer based in China that specializes in AQ coating and varnishing on printed papers. Varnish, also known as oil varnish or Aqueous Coating (AQ coating), is a process in which oil is evenly distributed on the printed surface to prevent it from getting scratched or sticking to other surfaces. Our company is equipped with an advanced oil coating machine that is capable of simultaneously finishing printing and varnishing. The oil used in our process is water-based, though we also have the capability to provide moisture-resistant oil for customers who request it.

Advantages Of Aqueous Coating

  • Fast dry
  • Water-based
  • Professional apperance and quality

Difference Between Glossy And Matt AQ Coating (Oil Varnish)

Paper with glossy varnish
Virgin paperboard with matt varnishing

There is no difference in the advantages of aqueous coating compared to plastic lamination, as they both provide protection and a professional look and feel to paper packaging. The only difference is in their appearance and texture. If you want your packaging to look youthful and glossy, you can opt for glossy aqueous varnish (AQ coating). On the other hand, if you want your packaging to appear luxurious and substantial, you can choose the matt aqueous coating (matt aqueous varnish).

Difference Between Aqueous Coating And Plastic Lamination

  1. Aqueous coating is generally less expensive than plastic lamination.
  2. AQ coating takes longer to dry compared to plastic lamination, which is an immediate process.
  3. Plastic lamination provides a more noticeable gloss or matt appearance compared to AQ coating.
  4. Plastic lamination is water-resistant, while AQ coating does not have this function. However, Moisture resistant oil can be used with AQ coating.
  5. Printing ink protection lasts longer with plastic lamination than with AQ coating.
  6. AQ coating is ECO-friendly.

Applications Of Glossy & Matt Varnish (Glossy | Matt Aqueous Coating)

Box Packing Solution is a dedicated team within Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd, specializing in applying AQ coating to various types of paper packaging. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales engineers. We also offer FSC-certified cardboard boxes with AQ coating available in both glossy and matte finishes.

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